I want a grog nozzle please

I started playing this game some months ago and I lost the grog nozzle event because it was a long time ago. Can someone plz trade me one?

Why don’t you just accept claptrap’s “The Beard Makes The Man” (I believe that’s what it’s called) quest in Tiny Tina’s Attack On Dragon Keep? It will automatically give you one and it will be scaled to your level. Just don’t complete the quest and turn it in, you’ll lose it.

Oh lol. I didnt think about it. Thanks for the idea!

No worries, happy vault hunting!

Also… Do you have a lvl 60 dpuh? v: I know I ask a lot but the problem is that im getting rekt lol

I’ll check, I have a level 50 one but probably not a dp unkempt at 60.

Oh kk