I want a Nomad DLC character

Ive talked about and mentioned DLC characters before so this will be about the Nomad, and my idea on what his 3 actions skills would be.

A Nomad from borderlands 2.

The first tree would be he throws out 3 psycho midgets. This tree would have 3 augmentation. 1st being burning midgets, 2ed would be shotgun midgets, 3rd would be badass midgets.

The second tree would be a shield tree. Completely invulnerable from the front. Again with 3 augmentations. 1st being a reflection shield that reflects all attacks and damage done to the shield back at the attacker. 2ed is meat shield, this shield has a Midget attached to it, if shot off or released it attacks for you, but will turn on you if there are no enemies around. 3rd being a spiked shield, just has severely increased physical damage.

The third tree would be a badass Nomad tree. You gain increased elemental damage and resistance. Again 3 augmentations. 1st being a pyro Nomad, gain fire damage to any gun, has a radius of fire if someone is in range they burn. 2ed Electric Nomad, does the same as fire but electric. The last being a corrosive Nomad, again does what the other two do.

This is a character I would love to see.


That would be cool, I think they missed a great opportunity not making a VH a Witch Doctor.

Skill tree 1 would be elemental with the tornado as an Action skill. Skill tree 2 would be melee with the singularity attack for an Action Skill. Skill tree 3 would be healing based with the swarm of bats for an Action Skill.


It bugs me that they chose not to have any DLC characters. I also like the with doctor idea as well.


Drop yer loot I’ll letya live!

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Would be an interesting idea, but I’m not sure if they can pull off the whole midget thing in todays political climate. Maybe if they used digi-midgets…

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I asume a big reason to not introduce DLC chars later on is the “large” ammount of dialogue to record. I was gonna say Masive but… large at best. So many mission specific lines, yknow.

But hey if they give us a new skill tree and such, im kinda happy for the time being.

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They would probably just call them Tinks like they have been, but to me they are still midgets.

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I see, while I don’t think that’s to much of a hurdle to get around, I can see why they would not want to pay the money to get the voice actor.

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Pyro nomads did have flamethrowers so that would probably be more fitting than just adding additional fire damage to gun damage.
Electric IMO could be pulling out an off-hand Topneaa. The heavy nomads with Topneaas are some of the most dangerous regular enemies in BL2 so might as well add a nod towards those bastards.
Dunno about the corrosive one tho. I’d definitely be more interested if those augments weren’t just straight up element switches.

Evil witch doctor zed playable character would be awesome

Well my idea was that you could use multiple augments, so you could choose up to two diffrent ones, so you could run around and do lightning and fire damage simultaneously, and if you have a radiation gun then you do 3 different elements at the same time. But now I think about it, that might be a little OP, unless we have his increased damage skills not increase as high as other characters, maybe like with Zane, to use more then one augment you have to not use grenades. Something like that.

Nomads, goliaths, loaders, I feel lots of characters can be made just basing a character off the enemies kind of like krieg.