I want a Survival Mode

After playing around with BB Tap, I really want some sort of Bottomless pit mode.

This way you could enjoy LvL 10 Characters with Max gear. After Each wave a chest with loot and credits drops and the longer you survive the more credits you earn.

If this would be done, I would be super hyped.


Agreed *3*

There really isnt a viable mode to just, for lack of a better term, screw around in lol…

plus we really need a mode for credit grinding and an eternally multiplaying survival mode would be awesome.

It’s been suggested before, either using the words survival mode or horde mode, so I’d imagine gearbox understands the desire by a large segment of the players for a mode like this

same here +1


Serious Sam!


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Survival modes are cool, but imho they dont work so well for melee chars. Im afraid a survival mode would increase the disparity between ranged and melee already present in this game

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agreed but with a FOV option it would be better. Could still work though IMO

Is this thread unique and distinct from these others?

(found by searching “horde mode” https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/search?q=horde%20mode)

Let’s continue this in one of the existing threads.

That being said I’m all for this.