I want friends!

After my ps3 broke, I thought I was done with both borderlands 1 and 2. I thought I was screwed. Then the handsome edition came out… And now I want people to play with! Add me on PSN (maseratiman966) and I’ll accept every friend request that comes my way. I’ve been playing mostly TPS but after beating normal mode, I’m not sure if I like it as much so I’m looking to get back into Borderlands 2. See you all on Pandora :smiley:

I don’t play Pre Sequel, but whenever you wanna play borderlands 2 i’ll be up for it.

PSN: hitman10466

if you still need friends add me i just started pre sequel. Storm0king

i’ll play either. teacup775

You need a Claptrap, I’ll be you’re Claptrap. (we’ll all be good friends :blush:)

Though if any of you pick up a SHD0-TP Head I WILL KI----Love you with all my heart hehe…heh…
(I’ve been farming L33T Hacker for a long time to get SHD0-TP head…v.v)

Edit~ Oh and my PS4 is “Cody2Hottie”