I Want Ideas! Give Them To Me!

I really want to spruce up the forums in at least one shape or form so I’m thinking of contributing to this community so that I can get my opinions out and see others and see if we can decide where to go from there. So, I’m here to kind of be on all for certain things someone wants to know. If someone wants what build I would use on a life steal Rath or maybe the gear load outs on an inexperienced Mellka player. So yeah! This is basically a request area to bounce idea arounds.

Edit: I’m a master of Ambra, Rath, Kleese, Mellka, Reyna, and Orendi so those are who I know best

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I would honestly like to know what you think are the most efficient builds for PVP Oscar Mike and Orendi, leaning towards support, also non legendary gear for them?

Thanks in advance!

I could use some mellka opinions for gear… and you’re a good man!

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I put up my orendi guide here if you want to look at it, I haven’t done oscar mike as much yet so I might have to play with him a bit before I get to him.

For Mike’s helix:

  1. LT
  2. LT
  3. LT (you can actually skip this augment all together and take advantage of his natural mad aim assist)
  4. LT
  5. RT
  6. LT (RT is okay to)
  7. Y
  8. LT
  9. LT (unless you wanna focus on back dooring)
  10. LT (RT is still viable, but space laser is best lazor! Y is utterly worthless never take it)

For gear:

Attack damage
Skill damage
Reload speed

Double roll a blue or green item for 15% damage when shield takes damage. Same for your skill damage item. Then its your choice for the last item. I myself used to run him 40% reload + 1 damage item until I switched to just running legendaries.

Then all you have to do is follow up your teammates when they cc people with frag nade/ ulti, then dps the sentry.

If you don’t play on xbox LT=left, RT=right, Y=mutation

This link to see what helix options do (there’s a tab near the top called Helix):

Do you have any tips on team composition? Maybe a breakdown of the different roles or positions for different characters?