I want Spooky Character Skins :(

I have been playing Borderlands 2 The Handsome Collection last month like mad, and i decided to be completionist with this absolute badass game.

I found SHIFT codes for two awesome skin packs (mecromancer wearing the pink one is OMG), but Spooky’s code was outdated.

Please, tell me there is a way to get these skins in a legal way for steam :frowning:

Thank you, guys. I was fortunate discovering this gem.

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I’m not really sure what skins you’re after, but the Gaige one you’re referring to sounds like the one from Valentines. The original code expired long ago. These might work though as they’re different from the originals (I can’t confirm as I’ve got them all unlocked).


Yes, yes. I’ve got this pack and many others. All of them aside of Spooky’s one.

The Halloween ones did get re-issued, but I don’t know if those have since expired as well. Check the orcz.com site for a full list of codes.

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The code doesn’t works, thanks for your attention.

Try :


Although it probably expired last fall.

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This is just the code that doesn’t work :’)
No worries, i’ll survive. Thanks!

Be on lookout on Gearbox Twitter/Facebook as they may re-release the codes for the skins, seeing as Valentine’s Day is coming in few days.


FYI, the Valentines Day codes have been re-activated.


True! But i want the spooky one.
I’m asking them about in that tweet.

There’s a fair chance the codes will be re-released in October (given that the Valentine’s ones have apparently become available again.)


Oops, sorry. I misread and thought you were looking for the pink skin for Gaige.

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It seems logic :slight_smile: