I WANT That Worthy of Song...Please Help!

I need a purpose to my PvP, guys.

I know you can’t PLAN to get 25 or more kills in a single match but there must be ways to improve your odds.

What characters and gear (legendary but I’m hoping for mainly non legendary, I have some of the very good Legendaries but I also know im missing a LOT of them) and augment choices would you guys recommend for dedicating the rest of my weekend to obtaining this title?

Thanks in advance!

i could be a pocket miko for you as orendi and you just specc into skill dmg. o.o

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You should be able to get it quite easily with Bola’s Target Finder and other gear that grants skill damage on Orendi. Make sure to take the following helix options: Preamble of Pain at lvl 4, Shadowfury at lvl 6, Force of Will at lvl 7, Still Hating Your Shields at lvl 9 and Pillarstorm at lvl 10.

Other than Orendi, the best characters to get WoS imo are Phoebe and ISIC if played properly.

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I’ve don’t it with Caldy, Phoebe, Ghalt before nerf Pendles, Attikus and Thorn. Phoebe is probably one of the easiest to do because how easy it is to drop in. Melee/crit around some one while they’re slow, the drop out. Maybe now if you get a group with KU, Reyna and Gali, it’d be even easier. Maybe ask a group of friends to actively help you with these characters.


Thank you for the tips, guys.

@NatsumeRyu now that we are finally friends on PSN, when are you usually on?

Phoebe. Get a team that can hold mid on Overgrowth. Gear is your choice, I did it with shard gen, vidanium Root Tea and oath of sustainment (I had just gotten my first legendaries! Don’t judge me). I farmed until I hit 7 (hit minions, got a kill or two, upgraded everything), then started rolling through them until I got 25 kills with one more more deaths. Everyone else was level 3. I had 34 kills. 0 regrets. I was using the silence helix at the time, and now that and her health has gotten buffed, and top tier characters were nerfed, so this would be even better


This is a pipe dream for me, as I don’t get good healers unless I want to be the healer, lol.

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Make sure to buy as many turrets as possible as well, if they kill someone you get credit for it.


Benedict or phoebe

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I have come very close in the past with Orendi and Phoebe I think I shall stick with them.

pysiozaur want to play tonight, im on pc atm :slight_smile:

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I’ll be on later this afternoon CST. If you need someone to help support or provide damage amplify I can jump on and give you a hand as well.

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Thanks man!

I’ll detinitely hit you up on PSN!

Good luck

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PSN is BlaineTheBro. I can help as Miko or set up kills for you with Rath.

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I have nothing but regrets about my own variation on this story (with Gali and a pocket Miko.) Same number of kills too. They just insisted on throwing themselves into the laser grinder.

@FlamesForAll - it depends on whether you want Worthy of Song to be a title completionist, or because you want it to mean something. I almost got my first Pentakill last night: the fifth kill was just slightly too late, and we’re talking one or two seconds here. But I was a level 2 Gali, it was the first three minutes of Face Off, and my entire team was setting me up for each kill (except for kill #3, when I quick meleed Reyna off a ledge - the only genuinely skillful part of the whole death chain.) If I had gotten Pentastrike! from that, would I have worn it? Nope.

My WoS win with Gali was similarly hollow; my WoS win with Mellka meant something. That one happened because I’d gotten practiced enough with her that a 25+ kills match was someday inevitable. Gali with a Miko just eats everything alive; anyone who could hold down a trigger and have basic situational awareness could have done the same.

So my suggestion would be, in total counter to the spirit of the inquiry, to simply find an (offensive) character and play them endlessly, preferably with a team who will understand that once you hit 20+ they are not to steal your kills, and then consider that a turning point in your mastery of that character.

Otherwise just take an aggressive character with some AE ability, take them to Face Off with a team that has sworn not to steal your kills, and wipe low-CRs repeatedly while never handing in masks. Not much of a song, but you’ll be worthy of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


worthy of not much of a song… sounds more like an insult lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, perhaps I should expand. This was after months of playing and nearly mastering Phoebe, trying mountains of builds and gear sets, and then when soon after it, something shook me and I’m now a nearly terrible Phoebe, so the title represents a time for me where I could pull off things I may never again. And I also feel less bad because one of them also got WoS :stuck_out_tongue:.

BTW the thing that threw me off was that I noticed she wasn’t finishing her attack combo with flurry which made me doubt Crosscut which made me doubt if I had been doing things wrong and then it became a psychological downward spiral. Later on @ginger_greninja in concert with @Slif_One mentioned that she actually just does the last two hits of the combo and now I feel like a fool. I must learn her once more!

Oh, and I have a penta story. I decided to play El Dragõn before the nerf, so my eighth game with champ, I found a team with no healers or cc who bunched up a lot. Easy pickings. I killed four quite easily at level 3 with a splash and clap combo, and was beating in a Thorn when Alani took it last second. I resettled, got an an adrenaline high, and was like wow, my second quad. I just have to be a bit faster. They all came back, at once, in a bunch, got geysered, I splashed, killed 3, got ult, killed the next two, and then nearly passed out and message flames. I don’t feel great about it, but at the same time I was far too excited to examine it in a realistic fashion. I mostly regret it now, but a small part of me is far too excited for my past self

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Haha, I wouldn’t really disparage anyone for getting Worthy of Song in a one-sided match: these things happen. To be honest, such titles are increasingly hard to get in a fair fight: we’re all much harder to kill now than we were six months ago (and better equipped, too.)

I’m no innocent here either. Most of my multis are from killing players who quite clearly were still getting to grips with the maps, the characters, and what appropriate gear was. And these low CR players are in the majority of games, thanks to the lack of Elo. :frowning:

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Yeah, in fair fights you’d never get more than 20 kills at absolute most. (I can attest to you guys being hard to kill haha.)
And honestly, I don’t know why all the doomsayers point to the going against all the newbies as proof of the game being dead. That just seems like a good thing to me. I see a new player in almost every match these days