I want to add two more difficulty levels for the first playthrough of the game

It’s very boring for me to play (with a friend all the more) because there are very few enemies and they are very simple. I don’t want to ruin my first playthrough, the more likely it is that I may not want to play the game a second time. I would like there to be two more difficulties: hard and very hard. In hard, the number of enemies increases by about two times. Very hard three or four including. It is also possible to increase the number of waves of enemies. It is also possible to increase the health of individual enemies. For bosses, you need to adjust it separately. Just taking players who do not feel the difficulty in the game so that they test and correct. I would love to make such a mod if I knew what modding tools there are. If anyone knows, please tell me.

So having regular difficulty levels like most games that you can access immediately? I’d be down for that.

I’m not sure if such a mod exists, but there is a mod for BL1, BL2, and TPS scaling.


thanks to the difficulty mods, I and many others were able to get through borderlands 2 with pleasure. Without them, the game was simply abandoned out of boredom.
Why developers initially make their games like that is absolutely incomprehensible to me. I play below average in online shooters. True, I am very well versed in the skill tree. Is it really that difficult to add a couple more difficulty levels ?
All location bosses die in 5 seconds. Why did people work on the mechanics of these bosses. I think this includes disrespect for those who worked on the creation of these bosses, both visually and their abilities.

I have no idea. Difficulty levels (more than the normal and easy we have now) would alleviate a lot of the issues all of the Borderlands games have had with difficulty at the top end (although on the other hand the issues with the mayhem system show it may not do much of anything). However, there does seem to be a Borderlands formula that GBX doesn’t want to deviate too far away from, and things like crafting and difficulty sliders seem to be something they’re hesitant to incorporate for whatever reason.