I want to get the buttplug mission

but the quest isn’t their I only done the main story on in tru vault hunter mode

from what i understand about the quest, you can do the quest and not get the gun, because you did not shoot him in the butt. also bags full on quest completions can gank you too. i have missed out on head skins, and quest rewards due to having full bags.

if you are playing on PC, you can copy the player .SAV file onto your desktop, rename it to another number, then put it back into the folder.

then on that player reset your TVHM play thru, quest for the gun is at the start, what sucks is having to do get to sanctuary again to put item in the bank. before you delete the duped player

Weird, they show up in my bag, and then when I “drop one thing” I’m still full.

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