I want to introduce you to one of the best mods

This is Homeworld FX-Galaxy, a brilliant mod brought by the 9CCN team.

A list of features, taken from ModDB:

  • Custom (Animated) Main Menu.

  • 6 fully playable races, each with their own playing styles, unique
    units, technologies and abilities. Continue your campaign as the
    Hiigaran or Vaygr, reclaim past glory as the Progenitors, orchestrate
    the revival of the Kadeshi, join the Taiidan Empire in their quest
    for galactic domination or accompany the Turanic Raiders as they
    transcend their days of space piracy and become a force in the galaxy
    that is to be reckoned with.

  • Customizable in-game Music Player: The mod will randomly select
    ambient and battle tracks from the Homeworld Series & Strike Suit
    Zero OSTs and play those during your game. Comes with in-game
    repeat, shuffle, random and manual select functions to further
    customize it. It can also be disabled easily to use the default
    soundtrack for the concerning map.

  • New units for each of the races. These models have been carefully
    build from scratch to reflect the original Homeworld concept art as
    close as possible and remain true to the concerning race’s
    concept/dominant traits at the same time.

And many, many more! For more info, please check HERE.

Now for some screenshots…(taken from the mod’s page)


Update: First release of the mod, not fully featured but available on Steam Workshop!

Could you put updates of it here as in a changelog ?

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Yes, I think we could