I want to kill enemies with melee button

Trailer: Amara punched enemies
Reality: in mayhem 3 you can unbind melee button. No worth anymore.

My favourite character in BL 2 was Krieg. I wasn’t expecting a character as good as Krieg…but Amara melee damage is a Joke.

Please, is there a way to kill with my own hands an enemy using the “melee” character of this game?

To call Amara just the melee character is remarkably naive.

Melee Amara is great on Mayhem 3.


In all the trailers and media delivered by gearbox was obviously her purpose in-game…

I can play with guns at short range, but nothing to do with “V” key of my keyboard.

I don’t want to use the preset build everyone in playing with Amara.

No solution at all?

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Using melee button??? How???

Brawler Ward shield, melee or Dragon relic, Breaker COM and some guns with good melee bonus and you’re set. Of course anointed bonus for melee will help a lot.


I have all the skill tree oriented to melee damage, melee relic, my shield only give +80% melee when depleted, anointed give me 200% melee damage.

And mi hits are 10000 damage… Whit brawler ward shield should be about 30000… But it’s not enough to kill anybody in mayhem 3 playing with my friends.

It take me a lot of work to kill anybody. I find it quite boring :frowning:

Melee is just an option in a game full of guns.If you treat melee differently than a “joke” and search a bit you will find it disturbingly strong.

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Krieg main here, it seems we facing the same problem has bl2 before they introduced dlc characters, except in bl3 they said they wont. only way to make a viable samara melee build is to use a very specific build with artifacts, shields, weapons and annointed that increase her melee

Depending on modifiers and if I’m hitting enemy weakness I can hit for 30k-100k+

Please, could you specify your gear?

I’m still thinking that 100k is a low damage for 4 coop mayhem 3 arena.

Your hits throws your enemies back? At least it you can cause a stunning effect your team mates will appreciate your efforts.

I have not yet tried melee but I’ve seen people doing it really well in m3, mopiod on twitch has been doing it and making it look easy.

I don’t have his build or anything but its very effective.

This isn’t bl2, 100K is good damage


Mopiod on twitch. Will have a look. Thanks!

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Also with the unleash the dragon relic you can get that damage as Dots I barely get back attacks with the butt plug but that would double my damage

My gear isn’t all that great I’ll let you know whenever I jumped back on the game

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Thats the build i am using for slaughtershaft on mayhem 3 tvhm.
For gear u would need a brawler ward (Graveward drop), Buttplug, Facepunsher and then what ever you like, usually i run with a good corrosive weapon and brainstormer. Also the Unleash the Dragon (El Dragon Jr.) artifact is kinda mandatory. I run with Fist over Matter with Glamour to get the Samsora stacks, Allure would also be ok since Glamour is bugged right now but i still prefer Glamour.
Mindfulness is personal preferance, it makes your shield recharge faster so you lose your melee bonus quicker but the mobility it provides is really nice.

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i beg to differ. 3M punch booiiiii



How do you do that!?


Brawl is not just about melee. Any Maliwan Shotgun dose amazing things with this tree.
If your looking for an edge I have one little secret most people seem to over look and that is Cryo and Radiation.

Frozen enemies take hellalot of melee damage. The Frozen heart shield is my BFF for this. It also makes anything close to me unable to attack me :stuck_out_tongue:
As for Radiation I suggests a Maliwan Shockwave mixed with Personal Space maxed out. This is not always 100% viable with some mayhem modifiers screwing the combo but when it is good it is damn good.

I think of melee like a Glory Kill in DOOM I weaken the enemy with my guns then move in for a decisive finish.

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Yep yep yep frozen enemies take triple meele damage (I believe it was)