I want to know if Australian players have better connection now?

So yeah, I guess the title kinda explains it.

I know that all the aussies here have had red bars since the release of this game, but I was wondering if the Winter Update improved anything for you guys?

I played some Chaos Rumble today working on Beatrix’s lore, but I was still experiencing a bit of rubberbanding. I didn’t even check to see if I had red or yellow bar because it’s still the same experience for me I guess. However it could also be due to variables such as my connection etc.

Keen to hear everyone else’s experiences on this too…

I’m wondering if gearbox would consider showing us actual connection statistics instead of just bars. I’d especially like to know what actually counts for green/yellow/red. I’d consider green to be 0-60 but it seems much looser for Gearbox.

It’s been worse since the Winter Update. More US players on always skews the servers away from us (Battleborn Day was unplayable), and the improvement in FPS without a comparable improvement in latency means that the gap between us and good green players has widened even further.

When we do get green bar, we all get double to triple our usual kills and roll home.


I hope one of the next major things they work on next is the matchmaking update.


Oh that sucks to hear. I hoped that this update would have made playing Battleborn more barable for you guys…

I really hope that it will be fixed one day, because it seems really unfair that the Australian players all have bad connections all the damn time. T_T

It’s pretty rough, I won’t lie. But so long as I’ve got my girl, I can cope!

(subtext: Eden is not coping very well atm)

Feels better. Probably just placebo due to framerate.

Well let’s be honest.
You live in Australia, your fav character is Mellka and your fav mode is Meltdown. This winter update couldn’t have been worse for you.


Yesterday we were saying the same thing… but today we noticed long streaks of super sludgy servers and instances where the game would have six red bars and four green (ie US were the minority but still got the server.) once the wow factor of 60FPS wears off, it sinks in that you’re just going to get demolished by green bar Phoebes while rubberbanding more unfairly than ever, because nobody but us is dropping frames now. :confused: