I want to play as Tiny Tina, Ellie, Hammerlock and Vaughan

I have enjoyed Amara and Zane and obviously I will play the other two when they allow us to skip cutscences but I would genuinely love to play as these.

Truth is only Ava and Tiny Tina would make sense as the story wouldn’t make sense for the others but still…

Obviously fix the game and refine builds for now but still TT would be epic

Vaughn is easily the worst character ever since Pickle.

Nooooo broooooooooooo

Ava is that’s a fact

I’m sure some modder is already on that. :smiley:

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I was going to start a thread about Tina but found this one in a search.

Yeah me too.

When I first got the news about BL3 I was hoping for Tina to be a playable VH.

How easy would it be to come up with skill trees for her?

Boom puppy weapons… Enrique the skagg… bombs and more bombs.

The dialog options are hilarious without even being written yet.

Maybe in BL4?

How about BL 4…

Tannis the Siren
Tina the Dem Spec
Marcus the Gunner
Moxxi the spy/operative

I honestly thought Tina was going to be a VH. Not initially but figured she’d be a DLC extra but alas we didn’t get her. (I like her kid version more than her adult version tbh)

Then I thought maybe Vaughn/Loaderbot would be playable at some capacity considering the last we heard Vaughn was going to rule Pandora or try to take it over or whatnot. But then that didn’t happen.

Then Fiona said she was going to be a VH and considering the hints from BL3 something obviously did happen to her but it’s obviously not going to be playable VH either. So bleh all 3 of my thoughts went to hell.

If Tina was, however, a playable VH I’d like her kit to be original but maybe throw a skill or 2 of Roland’s into her kit as a nod that she never forgot him. I mean hell she was trained by Krieg so maybe she could be a mash-up VH like Claptrap was in TPS. Or considering she would probably get 3 action skills

  1. She inherited Roland’s turret and tweaked it a bit to make it a bit more deadly (or a LOT more deadly)
  2. Explosive craziness. Sort of like a mix between Krieg and Happy Enrage mode of Brick just running and throwing explosives at everyone
  3. Considering she has tons of pets maybe her 3rd Action Skill would be pet related. Like Flak but instead she sends out pets to kamikaze…but that kind of goes against her animal nature…but bombs though…