I want to play borderlands 1 or 2 co-op on ps3

Message me on skype Groza Sergiu, or on PSN ( Sergiu2000) . I want to play borderlands 1, or borderlands 2 co-op

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Hey! what level are you in Blands 1 I can be a co-op partner! :smile:

Sent you a message on PSN.

I will play borderlands 2 my psn acount is TurtleGage.

Sure but I also need help farming for the verruc on tvhm

Hey I’m Lvl 29 and i got a bunch of unique weapons i can use to help you. psn (PootisBorn):hamburger:

ok, i’m going to add you on psn. i’m lvl 69 btw

hi im new to this game looking for people to play with my psn is mrmaximushto

Some one pls add me
I have discord
Friend code 7551
And i have borderlands 1 and 2
My psn is tomanycats675
Im looking for people who want to do a fresh start