I want to play borderlands 1 or 2 co-op on ps3

(Grozasergiualin) #1

Message me on skype Groza Sergiu, or on PSN ( Sergiu2000) . I want to play borderlands 1, or borderlands 2 co-op

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(Chiefkillgames) #2

Hey! what level are you in Blands 1 I can be a co-op partner! :smile:

(Jubamon) #3

Sent you a message on PSN.

(theturtlegage) #4

I will play borderlands 2 my psn acount is TurtleGage.

(Taylordrake23) #5

Sure but I also need help farming for the verruc on tvhm

(beardedaliengame) #6

Hey I’m Lvl 29 and i got a bunch of unique weapons i can use to help you. psn (PootisBorn):hamburger:

(Grozasergiualin) #7

ok, i’m going to add you on psn. i’m lvl 69 btw

(Mrmaximuso) #8

hi im new to this game looking for people to play with my psn is mrmaximushto

(Tomanycats675) #9

Some one pls add me
I have discord
Friend code 7551
And i have borderlands 1 and 2
My psn is tomanycats675
Im looking for people who want to do a fresh start