I want to play in 32:9 ratio

I was interested in screens in 32:9 or 21:9 ratios and investigated if this game supports those resolutions.
And I wanted to swap my monitor and desktop and play games at those resolutions.

But Gearbox doesn’t seem to support it. I’m not sure if this is the reason my 16:9 ratio monitor is connected, but I couldn’t find those resolutions in the options.

However, I was able to find videos played at those resolutions on YouTube, but even in the most recently uploaded video, it wasn’t interpreted as the true form of that resolution.

It looked like a resolution of 16:9 was forced into it.

The location of the HUD was not positioned appropriately for its resolution,
the vertical length seemed to be cut off, and the left and right edge areas were distorted because they were wider than normal.

Compared to a game like DOOM that already properly supported those resolutions in 2016, it is disappointing.

PS: Please correct any misunderstandings on this subject.
Edit: I accidentally found out that BL2 supports that resolution. :laughing:

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then just go into your graphic manager and set your computer to an approximation of those settings, then play full screen.

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