I Want To Play Pendles...But Still Do Combat...Possible?

At this point, Pendles is literally the only character I havent tried and put a few levels into.

I want to try him, but I also don’t want to just have long, boring matches where im skulking around enemy bases destroying buildables and Minions and mostly avoiding direct contact.

Is it possible to play Pendles and still remain engaged in combat with your team mates?

Please remember, again, I have literally never even tried Pendles yet.

Thanks in advance.

Yes it is, but you have to be VERY careful who you engage and when:

  1. NEVER initiate combat with your smoke bomb on cooldown - it’s an instant death sentence otherwise.
  2. Attack enemy BB who are at low health, alone, or double teaming one of your teammates.
  3. Harass tanks and snipers whenever possible to push them from their positions. Don’t try to go for the kill against tanks because you are NOT going to kill a Montana or Boldur who has full health. The best you can do is keep them busy while your teammates setup their attacks. Toby and Marquis are a different story, just watch out for the former’s mine and the later’s owls.
  4. Always attack from behind and lead off with Injection.
  5. Don’t activate Miasma unless you’re certain you’ll get the kill, you’re attacking the sentry, or you’re engaging with a melee BB you can’t escape from. Miasma will give your position away even if you’re cloaked, so use it wisely.
  6. Never attack the enemy sentry while the turrets are up. You can easily and safely take out the thumper and the stinger in the tunnel, but the one next to the stairs to the perch might be more difficult because you have to watch out for the sentry.
  7. Always be aware of your surroundings and be ready to flee if you get focused on unless you know you have backup nearby.
  8. If you don’t control the battlefield and can setup when and where you’ll attack, you’re toast.
  9. Stay away from enemy rifts, power eggs, and sunspots because they can either directly reveal you or reveal you through their effects.

Just remember that Pendles is like El Dragon: he’s a quick in, beat up the other guy, then quick out type of character. He doesn’t have the sustain of Boldur and Attikus and shouldn’t be played like either one unless you really, really like talking to Nova a lot during the game.


I never played Pendles and I know almost nothing about his gameplay, but this explanation was very very clarifying. Very nice! :slight_smile:


Thank you. I’m glad you found it useful. I’m nowhere near a master of Pendles, but I have gotten him to level 15 and have played a few matches with him. I’ve also played against him more than a few times and I can usually tell a good Pendles player from a bad one. A good one acts like the hit-n-run assassin he is, a bad one acts like he’s Rath or Phoebe. The good ones are a pita, the bad ones are dead.


Try Capture. He’s amazing there. And you actually CAN try capture, cuz rumble.

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@Gulfwulf @epicender584

Thanks kindly!

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Be warned though. He plays completely different in Capture. In Incursion, you have to go very fast or you’re melted. Meltdown is slightly better. In Capture, people are typically alone so you can just inject and kill them, then run to the next one. Bonus: If even four people are trying to take a point and don’t have a reveal, you can literally dance around them and they can’t take your shield down. Ping he ground and don’t let them take the point until there’s a team fight and you win.

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Regardless of what mode you play with Pendles, he is the perfect character for a 0 cost wrench and 0 cost shard generator. You are fast enough to get to all the shards and build up everything, which will help you stay at level without having to take out minions.


I consider @Gulfwulf’s post a gr8 baseline for Pendles but I have some tweaks and additions.

You can if you have full health and the enemy is alone (i.e., away from other players, the sentry, or minion waves) and you have 6 seconds or less on the Smoke Bomb cooldown.

If the Marquis didn’t use invisible owls use your range attack to destroy them before entering the area. The same rule applies to Ambra’s sunspots when she is being territorial. Destroy the sunspot first w/ your ranged attack, cloak, then enter the area.

While I agree w/ always attacking from behind I don’t agree w/ always leading off w/ Injection. For me it’s situational. If the player is really low health, like 2 or 3 ticks on their heal bar then Injection is a one hit kill. Otherwise initiate w/ your normal melee attack. You’ll get 2 possibly the 3rd hit in before they realize where the attack is coming from and it’s at that point you do Injection which has a 2 second slow so you can get at least 2 more hits in to finish them off if Injection wasn’t enough.

Now for my additions:

  • Stack HP gear. Pendles has the second lowest HP in the game so he will die quickly if stunned or focused w/o HP gear.
  • Focus on the enemy’s critical spot w/ your attacks so you can kill them quickly.
  • Some characters can be taken 1v1 from full health w/ Pendles if you are appropriately leveled, stacked HP gear, and selected the life steal helix options. They included Ambra, Reyna when there is no one for her to overshield, OM, Orendi when Nullify is on cooldown, Marquis, and Miko because of its giant crit spot.

What about shield pen and what other gear besides health would you recommend?

I wanna finish his PVP lore challenge, but I’m nervous about running him as stealth is not my thing. Love him in PVE, though.

its definitely possible i do it all the time and i mastered him like 2 or 3 weeks ago

This is a great strategy guide for Pendles. I haven’t really used him but I can see the difference between someone who is playing him well (like you described) and someone who isn’t. I was recently on a team with a Pendles who was playing him perfectly. He racked up the kills by swooping in on damaged enemies and finishing them off before they could get away. Yet one of our teammates with a mic started cursing him for being a kill-stealer. It was one of the most ridiculous outbursts I’ve heard while playing this game. Pendles did his job and we won so I don’t know what the problem was.

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Technically there is nothing wrong w/ shield pen gear but I can’t recommend it over HP or damage or skill damage gear. Attack speed gear is mildly useful but only if it’s a Stout Aelfrin Warblade because of the secondary HP boost. Some folks like movement/sprint speed gear but it’s only really effective while he is cloaked and since his movement speed is naturally pretty darn fast while cloaked I don’t use it.

Against inexperience players you can wear whatever you want and still get a lot of kills and high survivability. But when you run into a good team, and especially one w/ a healer, HP stacking is the only thing that will truly makes a difference. I’ve walked away from too many skirmishes w/ 2 or 3 kills and less than 100 HP to not sing the praises of HP stacking.


…I pump nothing but attack speed on him. Then, I take Flurry of Blows at level 3, Life Leech at level 4, and Relentless Strikes at level 9. As long as you’re landing hits and using Injection, you have amazing sustain and damage output. You still have some trouble with 1v1s, but you’re MUCH harder to kill.


Yea, I feel the same way. :slight_smile:

Just had my first match with him.

Chaos Incursion.

VERY fun!

Double digit kills and assists, which I don’t normally get!