I want to play some borderlands co-op

Hey guys I Recently renewed my PS plus membership and I figured I would get some use out of it. I have never played borderlands co-op before I have always played by myself. I would really love to play some co-op on borderlands 2 basically I want a group of 2 or 3 people that we can always play together. I haven’t played this game since Fallout 4 came out and I really want to get back into this game. I think it would be really fun to make some new friends I can play borderlands with. Just as a heads up I well probably start a new character. If we do decide to play It probably won’t be until Monday. My PSN is ratchetdude231 so you can start sending me friend requests now. Thanks guys

Yo I’ll add you maybe we can play sometime

Add me, I’m down for a new playthrough. ID: bains_159

Add me we can play together
Psn: AmitSD

Looking to restart BL2

I’m down: mellowyellow4565

I’m up for playing. Just started tonight on PS4 (I’ve played a lot on xbox) so I’ve only got a low level assassin. I’m UK based too. PSN is davthom