I want to raise the quality of graphic still, please help!

So first thing and the one most bothering me:
-[detailed]Shadow distance is terrible. I can see the shadow appear like 15-20meters away. Better in GOTY Enhanced, not that bad than before (since it is now higher quality), still I would like to push the details out to double
How to achieve that please?
-Can I get some more objects to show? I mean ground clutters, better object visibility distance, etc.? My machine can easily handle it.

The game looks lightyears better already though, I’m having a blast. :smiley:

Assuming you’re on PC, you could start digging around in the .ini files. You’d have to know what to look for, and how changes in the code would change things in-game, but it was possible to change graphic settings in BL1 by messing with the .ini files.

Of course, always backup all .ini files you mess with, as you can break things.

I can’t really help you further than this. You can google various guides of .ini changes for BL1, but those are for BL1. They might work on the Remaster, but we just don’t have a concrete guide that’s tailored for the Remaster yet.

It would make sense if old .ini BL1 changes would do the same things on the Remaster.

Found some changes, doesn’t really do a thing.
So any smart guy aout there can tell me how the hell I can move out the detail shadow distance and object visibility that actually works I would appreciate it.