I want to start a game from the beginning with my leveled up character

I transferred my save(Borderlands 2) with no problems, but I was under the impression that we could start a new game with our max our leveled-up player. In borderlands 2, I had a level 72 player but when I select him and go to start a new game, it starts me off at a level 1. Is there anyway I can start from the beginning of the game with my level 72 player?emphasized text

When you load the character where it asks what play through you want to run there is an option to reset progress. On Xbox it is y

Thank You very nuch.

now when i press y to reset progress it takes me to the cleaning up the berg mission on uvhm mode but not normal or true vault hunter. is there anyway to reset those two modes progress becuase the y options is presented when you highlight those two?