I want to tell the World about Alani

Seriously, she’s awesome, a lot of fun to play, she’s over the top cool.


Well done Gearbox



her match dialogue is bad tough

she never shuts her f*ing mouth, any other character says a line here and there but alani is constantly talking, and her lines and catchphrases get annoying really fast.

Gameplay wise she is really awesome


The lore challenges turn me off from her. That, and I’m kind of disappointed that we got another female supporter when the only male one is Kleese. But it is what it is. I’m sure I’ll try her out eventually.

Miko is support though and as far as I know he is male.

…Yeah, for those of us who only play public Story mode.

…Aww, she’s just like the girls I know here in the Cherokee area, just get used to it. :smile:

bah get real life out of my games :stuck_out_tongue: , I play games for escapism and not as a tolerance therapie to deal with annoying people

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Miko is a genderless mushroom. But, when assigned a gender from people who guess, the guess is pretty much always female, such as Phoebe guessing such in the lore. (I assume this is to contrast with Kelvin, who is also a genderless creature, but is generally assigned male pronouns.)

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Huh? how is Phoebe not a female lol?

Miko could be genderless sure, but to me he fits as a male.

I am really enjoying her so far :slight_smile: I just wish her little flower design thing would show up for her rank 2 nameplate since it’s pretty and I want to show it off <3

No, I meant Phoebe referring to Miko.

Phoebe is the author of Kelvin’s “That’s An Ice Shield” lore, and there she struggles with pronouns for both Kelvin and Miko. “They (He? It?)” for Kelvin, “She (It?)” for Miko. At least to Phoebe, Miko displays more feminine traits than masculine ones.

But that’s really beside the point. Point being, Miko is genderless. Miko is not male in any description.

If you only play half the game cant expected to complete the whole of it

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So much ^This.

…I’ve got Alani up to level 8 now, still loving it.
Again, well done Gearbox, well done. :sunny:

Just saw two of them during a mission as teammates - I´m so thrilled to play her after 30th May!!!
She seems to be an Orendi with healing powers! :smiley: A bit slower than my beloved Orendi, but her skills just look similar! (pillars/geysirs, a lashing out wave /nullify)
Finally a support I want to try besides Reyna! :heart:

She also has the option to reduce her own cooldowns, like Orendi.

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Uhhhhh thats neat! I tried Phoebe lately and I´m so darn used to Orendi that it really was hard to play without further cooldown mechanics… I need to be more flexible with characters, or I end up stucked with Orendi forever! :smile_cat:
(Yes, Phoebe has 2-3 augments in that regard, but she is no Orendi^^)