I want you, to want me!

I love BL2. I played it on release on my 360. Then I played it again on release on my X1. I used to have friends to play it with, but then other, newer, prettier games came along and caught my friends’ eyes. One by one they all left me hanging with a controller in my hands and a tear in my eye. Sometimes it’s hard to be a grown man, married, with children. Once bed time comes, it’s quiet; the peace just needs some Pandora to liven it up. But the lonely serenity gets to me. It’s just not as fun shooting bandits and skags all by myself. So I spend some time with BL2, then quit to menu and turn to fallout, or the Halo. I’ve even fancied some SunsetOverdrive. It’s free now, I know, and free games just don’t have the same warmth as a game I spent hard earned money on. So please, if you would like to play and have light hearted casual fun with a funny, intelligent, and admittedly weird, casual gamer, let me know. I’m in PST time zone and on most evenings. Send a message, send a friend request to Shlugendah. I look forward to playing with you.


I’m your PlayStation Doppleganger.

sounds like we’re two peas in a pod my friend. :wink:

But, I am the one who goes to bed first at my house. I’m more of an early morn kinda guy, especially on the weekends. M-F I get on the evenings after work. Usually around 5pm PST.

GT: Kurtdawg13

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I wish I had s PlayStation as well, then! Kurtdawg, I’ll send a friend request, hopefully we can play sometime.