I wanted to farm bosses during the boss loot event

I wanted to farm bosses during the boss loot event, but my mayhem 10 modifiers I’ve been using since 2.0 released were reset/changed and now I’ve spent the past 3 hours clicking one button to try to get them back. Seriously the worst part of this game and now I understand why so many people hate this. It makes me want to quit. Can you please change this awful system? It isn’t fun. Its just annoying.


The unnecessary nerfing of items was my biggest negative from this game. Mayhem modifiers are the next biggest issue keeping me from loving this game as much as Id like to. Both in conjunction is why I have been replaying an older favorite starring Mr. Arthur Morgan. My adventures with Arthur are much funner than my adventures with Zane Flynt at the moment.


I thing the modifiers are OK, they definitely need a change but they are OK. If they would delete them, the only thing GB could do for more difficulty is making the enemies bullet sponges like they vere before M10.
I would like to a possibility to choose the modifiers rather than get them at random, but keeping them is the right thing!

Heavens forbid they attempt to make the enemies have more dynamic movement and/or their attacks more unique and varied, or anything else.

Because, as you say, that would be impossible.

Looks at random BL1 mob wielding a Defiler


Something Awful might sue you for slander. :stuck_out_tongue:

The load times on console are TRULY what murder this game for me to be perfectly honest. Spending more time looking at a loading screen than actually playing because that’s the only way to farm just isn’t good gameplay IMHO. In BL2 is was about 50/50 for loading but in BL3 it’s like 20/80 where you spend 80% of your time doing literally nothing while the game decides to let you have your 1-150000 chance at the item you want again :frowning:


It is just the price we lowly console plebs have to pay for all those GODLY Particle Effects.

That and game-breaking crashes, which lead to plausible deniablmility for the “why” of fun-breaking nerfs (see: no more projectiles… but screen obliterat8ng Gaussian Hellscapes FOR DAYS, due to the awful, awful MM Modifiers, “artistic direction” (can it truly be artistic when the screen looks Iike a white sheet of paper, much less directional, when you can’t discern up from down for neon vomit)?Honestly, somebody at GB needs his artistic license revoked.

Meanwhile, on the loading page… Why yes, GB I DID know that Claptraps cannot climb stairs.

pop a boss

Huh. Gearbox has chugged one too many, according to THIS loading screen… smgdh.


I just started playing at M0 after the Bloody DLC and don’t have much experience with the modifiers. I’m curious, which ones are you trying to get, or, which are you trying to avoid?

MH8 only has 2 modifiers, enemies has about 4000% less health, armor and shields. Dedicated drops are unaffected by mayhem levels, and annointments are still garantueed.

MH10 are litterally just for bragging rights, which doesn’t mean in this game honestly. Not exactly sure why MH10 is so important, it’s weird because most people seem to absolutely hate it.


Well you also get the best version of all your weapons in MH10 so its a little more then just bragging rights.

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Depending on your character you’d want to avoid immunities to different elements or certain playstyles. Moze-Fire, Zane-Cryo, FL4K-Weaker Crits, I also can’t stand the cryo ball and death skulls that hound the player, or the one that takes FFYL away or the floor is lava. So many of them are too punishing to even attempt matchmaking and running into players that run bad ones for you. (also because I have to reroll my own modifiers after joining another player, which could take a half hour alone)

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Yes, you’re right. 18% better, such worth.

Unless you are doing a crit build, try to get the Not The Face very hard mod. You still do more damage with crits it’s just not as much as it would normally be. It’s honestly not even noticeable if you have a strong build.

Whenever I play I try to get lootsplosion and dazed and infused. After that the other modifiers don’t matter. Generally try to avoid the one where the more you shoot an enemy the more resistant it gets but if you one shot everything its not noticeable.
Lootsplosion is just nice as it doesnt change anything at all.
Dazed and infused will make enemies immune to random elements but they nova in that element when they die and can clear large mobs of enemies with a single kill sometimes.

Unless I’m doing melee I’m always aiming for crits anyways so this is one of the worst modifiers for me. I don’t know how you can claim a 75% reduction isn’t noticeable though. I prefer buddy system or holy crit depending on who I’m playing

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I like “It’s more than ok boomer” with Moze. Better grenade sustainment than a BBB and MOD combined. Other than that, Dazed and Infused is good since I’m mostly splash. Not in the face for the same reason. Pool part and the enemy gains resistance one are definitely no goes for me. If I’m unloading an Ogre or another high mag weapon into an enemy, I don’t need them getting 60% resistance every time.

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Crap, that must have been what affected my FL4K this morning when I was trying to farm Traunt. I didn’t bother checking the mods before I started playing and every time I went down my FFYL never activated, the game would pause for a second and then I’d be “dead” dead. Sigh! Never thought to check. They must have reset between the time I last played and today.

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Thanks a ton for the info by the way. I’ll check and be more picky now that I’m attempting M10.

I8% adds up to a lot pretty quickly and helps a great deal on higher mayhems. I know what you are saying that you don’t have to play there, but a lot of us want to min/max and face the hardest content in a game, it’s where we get our buzz. I didn’t have to beat NG+7 in Dark Souls, Akumu mode in The Evil Within or even Legendary difficulty in Skyrim etc, but I did because it was there for the challenge.
This thread isn’t about bragging or anything of the sort, it is trying to tell GBX that sitting around for an hour trying to get a decent set of modifiers, that don’t crash the game or make it unbearable to look at, is not an enjoyable gaming experience if we are up for the challenge of the hardest setting available.


Well said, I’m playing on Deathmarch in The Witcher 3 these days and I feel like most games you get the best experience from the hardest difficulty since you are required to use everything at your disposal.

Borderlands 3 to me us not one of those games. Most of the modifiers are focused on limiting or flat out removing options for characters which lowers build variety as a result. Not to mention I refuse to touch matchmaking as long as my modifiers change with every game I join