I wanted to farm bosses during the boss loot event

Hey there, thanks for reminding me of Deathmarch in Witcher 3, another fine example of hard mode that is great fun, I remember that was pretty challenging, especially early on.
As you quite rightly stated, it’s the joy of putting everything that you have learnt about the game together, the correct usage of abilities and weapons, and being properly punished for making mistakes. It is a way of testing our knowledge that we have learnt the finer details of the game.
Good luck with that and have fun, loved the Witcher 3 and you have made me want to play it again now :smile:


Thatd be rougue lite. Ive had that and was actually able to get a few second winds before dont exactly know how.
I dont know how your mods changed. Unless you had your game open to the public and someone tried to join and reset them for you. Or you changed mayhem levels and that changed them.

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This was from the Too Angry to Die GR perk, it was allowing you a brief time to get a second wind when it was released. I believe this was patched afterwards though.

Hmmmm, that’s not true for me. I play on M-10 because (and this is not bragging) lower difficulties are not difficult, and it’s not fun. M-10 is the only place I’m finding a challenge.

Now that could sound like bragging, but it’s not. I’m by no means an expert player. I’m good to very good, but not great. In BL2, for example, I max out at OP level 6, can’t get further after 10,000 hours.

But BL3 makes it (for me) almost necessary to go up to 10. As I posted this morning, I just ran Story mode in M-10 with just 5 deaths, and much of it was pretty simple.

Now, again, that’s not all me. What it is is damage and survivability inflation by GBX.
I main Zane. With max’ed out Donnybrook and Salvation you basically can only die when you are reloading and both Clone and Drone are in cool down, which is a vanishingly rare situation, and you can usually run away for the seconds it takes to get past that. Any other time you’re getting so much health restoration from your damage, clone damage, and drone damage that you just don’t die.
It’s actually pretty silly. A few times in that run I stood directly in front of Badass Tink Turrets spamming rockets right in my face but since all of my pieces were firing I didn’t go down. Nothing to do with me, except I was skillful enough to hold the trigger button down and hit from 3 virtual feet away, in other words, no skill on my part.

That’s not bragging. That’s saying Oh my, this game is pretty silly.
In UVHM in BL2 I cannot do anything like that, I have to be thoughtful, nimble, and good to stay alive, and be ready for frequent deaths. And it challenges and it’s rewarding. BL3 in M-10 with good gear (farming M-10 Light Shows put me over the top in DPS) is not all that fun, quite frankly, which is why I’m back to playing mostly BL1 and BL2 between new DLC drops.


I were trying to highlight the fact that we’re trading in 18% more damage for 4000% more enemy health, armor and shields. The over all complaint on this forum are that modifiers suck and not enough guns are viable and MH8 adress this somewhat without compromising to much.

I would agree with you if MH10 were actually challanging the same way those games you listed challange you, but it’s not. There’s no middle ground in MH10, you either effortlessly one shot everything or you tickle the enemy no matter how much you min/max for it. I like challange, i’ve done W3 on deathmarch, dark souls, god of war and bloodborne too, but those games aren’t hard because of poor balance, BL3 and MH10 is.

But my point were really just, why spend 3 hours to reroll modifiers when you can set it to MH8 and ignore it.

I find MH6 to be just as “challanging” as MH10 depending on how i gear. By taking the leap from MH6 to MH10 all i do is shortening the list of which weapons i can use, while the good ones remaining still one shot everything.


Careful people don’t like the suggestion of lower mayhem to have fun and make guns viable.

As I see it m6 is about where most people should be playing. Then m8 for those who want more of a challenge with health armor and shields. Then m10 for people who want to min max a build using the best gear.
If there was not any gear levelling with mayhem or even just at m0 m4 and m6 then I would see that as a good reason to have certain gear mayhem locked (like OP locked in bl2) while also not creating the incentive for higher level gear on harder difficulty. If the only incentive is a slightly higher loot chance but you have to deal with mayhem mods then more people would be willing to play lower than m10.


I see now that I missed the context of your posts and absolutely agree with you that Mayhem is poorly implemented and applied. The fact still remains though, that it is the hardest content in the game right now, and a lot of people want to play it for the gear and skewed challenge even though it is tedious and ■■■■, cheers :smiley:

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I tested the loading times yesterday on py ps4 pro…
The avarage time from main menu into the game: 50sec - Added to it: My VH was not able to move for the first 5sec when the loading screen ENDED!
The average time from game to main menu to start of the loading screen: 10s

So I farmed the Holy Mother of the Dragons and Vize on M10 (She because she has a ton of damage and is a fast kill and Vize because he is the only one who drops the deadeye classmod).
The average time from running, killing them both, check the class mod AND go to main menu was: 40sec!

40sec on hardest difficulty (for class mods M10 is NOT necessary!) lower the difficulty would just lower the playtime not the loading time… My fl4k has definitely not the best gear. Can upload it later. But I want to make a better test and share it.

Maybe GBX then realize the hard life of console players…


Yep, that’s what happened, I switch from M6 to M10 depending on what I’m doing. I just happened to forget to check the mods before going out to mess with Traunt. Won’t do that again. Thanks for the info.

You’re right, and I do similar on 1 & 2 with specific challenge runs for myself.

I expressed my main point badly, let me clarify;

I am a somewhat better-than-average player. M-10 should be very difficult for me, an aspirational challenge. However, with powerful guns and massive life-steal skills it’s only moderately difficult.
This makes it less interesting for long-term play. I don’t have the same challenges I still have in BL2 UVHM, for example, so the replayabiity (which has been a key aspect of the franchise for me) isn’t there.

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I legit don’t think they care about console tbh. Despite it being the larger playerbase. PC players have so many titanic advantages that stem even further beyond just being more powerful for better loading times.


Maybe the enemies were worse in the game before M10. I really don’t see how that is true since that was before my time with this game. Now they are 10,000% better at everything and we are not. They have weapons that are level 62+ and we don’t. Top that off with the very hard modifiers we are forced to take and this reduces our chances to nearly ZERO. Only the few who find and action skill that will bust heads will survive. Is this the reason we must cry foal on the developers of this game. I think so.

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Well of course they do. You can program on a PC, which means you can mod games on the PC. Look at the Exodus mod for BL2 on the PC right now as a perfect example. A couple of guys sitting at home, programing on their own PCs did that. It’s fan made, not made by Gearbox, and it’s only possible on the PC because PCs are designed to do real WORK on.

Consoles are just minimalists gaming systems. They only have what you need to play the game. They don’t have the ability to program on them. They don’t have the ability to customize code, rewrite INI files, edit game save files, swap out game files for custom created ones, or any of the totally normal and basic things you can do when gaming on a PC. That’s not the game developers fault, that’s just a limitation of the console. That’s what you settle for when you spend $400 instead of $1000+ on your gaming system of choice. You bought something that can play games, and that’s it.

And for the record, loading times on the PC have pretty much doubled since launch. When this game first came out it loaded so fast on my system that I never saw Claptrap dance across the screen and didn’t understand what console gamers were talking about seeing him dancing across 3 times. Then a patch came out and I saw a brief glimpse of him. Then another patch and loading took a little longer and I saw a little more. And so on and so on. It’s at the point now where I’m watching him go all the way across the screen and off the other side. Literally twice as long to load the game as it took during launch.

Considering I’m running an i7 8700k at 5GHZ with 32GB of RAM and an M2.5 SSD drive, I can only imagine how bad that is on a console.

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I will say this, I’m ready for CL4P-TP to come up with some new moves. I have seen all of his current ones entirely too many times.

Right. He dances across the screen at least 5 or 6 times. At least we have a loading bar now, lol.

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Update, I just crashed out and had to load from dashboard. It took 25 seconds to get to the CL4P-TP screen, he dances for 2 minutes 28 seconds, signed in and started the game before hotfixes applied, Devil’s Razor started loading at 3:10, load screen was 1 minute 27 seconds, spawned in 4 minutes 47 seconds.

Then had to save quit to apply hotfixes SMH.

Kinda glad i quit. Feels free. Even better when i deleted it.

I just wanted to test it on my rig.

From the time I double-click the icon to the time the game is at the menu is 1:03. At launch this was closer to 40 seconds.

Loading the game takes 8 seconds to load up my Zane save in Cursehaven from the 2nd DLC. That’s the time from clicking “Continue” to being in the game ready to play.

Time to do a Save\Quit and Reload is 15 seconds to go from hitting the Esc key to bring up the menu to quit all the way to being back in the game ready to play.

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It’s also crazy the difference map size makes on console, for instance I just timed a save quit/reload into Midnight’s Cairn, 58 seconds from playing to playing. Yet my load screen into Devil’s Razor was 1 min 28 seconds earlier.

Maybe my Xbox is feeling nice and fresh tonight lol

I don’t miss this. Really happy I made the switch to PC a few weeks ago. I think the biggest issue is that console hardware is at its end of its lifecycle. Why they didn’t just wait another year to release on next gen consoles just doesn’t make sense to me.

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