I wanted to farm bosses during the boss loot event

I might do the same next time

Yea bl3 made my decision to switch to pc mainly for bl2 unofficial community patch and I’m sure the upcoming bl3 unofficial community patch. The 2 biggest game changing patches that make the game fun. And fast load times to boot because 1min of loading per boss fight isn’t fun at all.

Just trying to keep things on topic bro. No need to name call. And my country seems pretty fine, might be a you problem. :man_shrugging:

On ps 4 i recommend you to use a secondery account. You can farm with 2 character at once. I did this when i did farming anno. I personally don’t feel as i have some kind of progression, so recently if i have a max lvl character, then i delete it and i begin it from the begining.
With low level weapons the dificulity scaling is much better and moze gunner is not ridicously weak as in mayhem 10.

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We really should have a way to reset a spawn/fight without reloading the map. That way you can keep your multiplayer party together, and farm better. If what they really intend is for us to farm a given enemy multiple times in a row, then remove as many barriers as possible.

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You and me both.