I was at the reveal, what do you want to know?

Ask away I’ll answer anything I can that I learned there.

My footage will start uploading as soon as I get home, I’m posting this on the plane.


What level are action skills unlocked?
Do Augments consume Skill Points?

What did it feel like?
did you manage to snag any of the decorations? If not, Why!? If yes, when will you be starting the auction?
Did you see any rocket launchers?
Did you see the Hive?
Will you make me a burger and some coffee?


No, but you are limited in slots to equip them.


A bigger, better, and more beautiful bl2.


Super happy that you got the chance to be there Derch! I feel like I saw some guns with splash damage and some accessories too. You got any more knowledge on that?


I don’t think I saw any launchers
Come to Wisconsin
How dare you ask


OK, my good sir, you asked for it :slight_smile:

I like skills as much as guns and I’ve been trying to figure out how the skill trees work from the material that’s now available. All the streamers were concentrating on examining guns but didn’t pay much attention to skills. Therefore, I still have lots of questions and I’d love some help. First of all, what I think I know.

  • The hex icons are special “Augments” called “Action Skills”. It seems that Action Skills occur throughout skill trees, not just at the top.

  • The chevron icons are regular “Augments” to the current Action Skill.

  • The diamond icons (a nod to BL1’s artefacts, perhaps) are special “Elemental Augments”, changing the elemental effect of the current Action Skill.

  • Augments only take affect when they are “equipped”.

  • The rectangular(ish) icons in the main body of the skill trees are “Passives”.

  • You must “Purchase” a Passive for it to become effective. This means putting the first skill point on it. Subsequently, you will get the option to “Add Point” to increase its effectiveness.

  • The skill trees are arranged in “Tiers”. A Tier can include both Augments and Passives. Each Tier only becomes available once the Passives in the Tier above have been assigned an appropriate number of skill points. That’s with the exception of the Augment at the top of each tree but more of that shortly.

I don’t know if there are any more Augment types. This is what I’ve derived from Zane’s & Amara’s trees. Now my questions.

  • What does it “cost” to open up a skill tree? It seems that equipping the top Augment opens up the Passives in the tier below but is that “free”?

  • Is there a cost to open up Action Skills further down the tree or do they become available as part of that Tier?

  • Can you swap Augments in and out as required or are there limitations or costs?

  • Can you have an Augment from a different skill tree to the Action Skill equipped. For instance, could Amara have Phaseslam (Action Skill from Brawl) equipped and then use Soulfire (Augment from Fist of the Elements) to add fire damage?

  • Can you only assign skill points to Passives if an Action Skill from that tree is equipped?

  • Are all Passives, across all skill trees, in effect all the time or only when an Action Skill from their tree is equipped?

Have you got any answers for me? Many thanks.


I actually talked to the head of weapons development about splash, they are debating if they should call it AOE instead of splash by the way. Splash is much more streamlined now, so not all the confusion with it.

With accessories you get them on parts of gun, so for example the barrel has 2 accessory slots on some gun but you can get more accessories on other parts.


Whatever they decide to do with it, I can’t wait to delve into it. :slight_smile:

Wow that sounds suuuuper interesting! I cannot wait man! Thanks for the info! :smiley:

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Great question, the skills at the top are your action skill. The ones on the side augment it. You you limited slots. Amara can have one action skill and 2 augments. Zane can have 2 action skills and two augments each I think.

You have to get to that level in the tree to equip the augment.


I was at the reveal live, how do I get my codes for free stuff? I didn’t find anything in my email. I don’t like spoilers so I really only watched a while then I listened to the rest. I didn’t want to spoil my game when it comes out. PS do we have to start the game as a woman? I really like to play as a man. Not a biggie but, didn’t we get to choose who we would play in the old games? I mean in the old borderlands games I would play through the game several times as different people.

Any additional insight as to why there appears to be different amounts of action skills and augments that can be active per character?


You we’re in LA? There were no codes, you got your stuff from 2k in person.

No idea, some sort of balance I guess.

Zane seemed pretty OP at level 10 with a Digi clone and drone, but I think as you build Amara it will balance out.


Thank you the offer to answer questions. Much appreciated.
Any indication on whether:

  • there will be something similar to NVHM, TVHM, UVHM?
  • there will be mission-specific reward gear (e.g., lady fist, sandhawk…) and whether at some point you can reset the playthrough to farm for different variants of mission-reward gear?
  • you saw any game-changing skills on any of the VH’s, like money shot, b0re, and bloodsplosion were?

They were not willing to talk about that but there was difficulty levels in the menu. So something is changing with it.

Didn’t get an answer but there will be way more bosses in this game, so more drops

Yeah I spent time looking at the trees but it’s hard to say, I didn’t see anything that looked totally broken. Some powerful looking combos though.


I hope Gearbox will release some weapon/shields parts visual chart of some sort…for us loot maniacs


Last time I thought that was fan made, the parts system this time might be 10 times bigger


Any mention of gun customization? I seem to remember them talking about trinkets you can mix and match on guns.
Any mention of something like the Grinder from Presequel?