I was at the reveal, what do you want to know?

I have but one question right now: LASERS? :thinking:

Nothing really on any of that sorry

I don’t think I got any, but I think I head others did


It looks like borderlands, it sounds like borderlands, it feels like borderlands, but does it smell like borderlands? And did you see any forum Easter eggs? There’s a legendary Jacobs sniper called The Monocle…

And you can imagine how I feel about that.


What does the ‘Handling’ stat feel like? Is it kind of putting a number on the weapon’s recoil/accuracy recovery/etc in a general sense?


What guns/manufacturers are your early favorites?

Already here! If you need a ride home from the airport, the cost is one of those pillows.


Do you know If Steam Players can play with epic games players?

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There is a parts inpection.


Such a cool feature, I love it.


I only have one question for you… what was for breakfast?

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Come on, you made it into Battleborn…you think you should be in BL3 as well?


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-Were there any console BL3 out there?
-Any insight on whether 60 fps will be supported on consoles?
-Were there any clues of a pvp mode?
-Could you make duels in multiplayer setting?

Do we have any dedicated medic/support characters?


Who’s the most handsome Gearbox dev?


I’m sure the answer will be yes but any confirmation about FOV on console. I figure it should considering all the other games have it.


I’m not sure that’s universally true from examining the skill trees. It’s certainly true for Zane, since he only has one hex augment in each skill tree and that’s at the top.

However, if you check out Amara’s trees they all have multiple hex augments. Say she initially equips the top hex augment of a tree. Since she can only have one hex augment equipped, using one from lower down the tree must REPLACE the previous one and become her new action skill. The other equipped augments would, I assume, then take effect on the new skill.

In most cases, all the hex augments are variations on a theme, with the most basic one being at the top of the tree. So they do feel additve. However, looking at Amara’s Brawl tree, the top hex augment is Phaseslam, a jumping ground pound but further down you can get Fracture, which causes fists to erupt from the ground. They both fit the Brawl theme but are very different and mutually exclusive.

Having seen more bits of gameplay from the event, I’ve realised that no one got to a high enough level to really experiment with augments. I apologise for asking an impossible question to answer, I’ll STFU and let you get on with your editting :smiley:


It’s probably too early to know. We might not know for sure until about a year from now, when the Epic Games Exclusivity ends. :man_shrugging:


KingGothalion stumbled upon this while streaming at the BL3 gameplay reveal. It seems they renamed the Badass points to “Guardian Rank” (which makes sense as we are now guardians protecting the vaults, or rather preventing others from unleashing threats from the vaults into the various worlds).

What do you think the “Guardian Rewards” are on the right?


Oh the smell was the best part, This totally feels 100% borderlands just X100. The extra movement mechanics are great, the new gun system, the sound system, just about everything was great and it felt so familiar.

I love it but I didn’t really notice any easter eggs. I’m sure I saw them but with limited time and wanting to get into menus, and feel game play and everything felt rushed. I’m sure I will when I go back and look at footage.