I was expecting to play Battleborn for the next 5 years, maybe will be able to. (This is not a mean post about the game is dying)

When I bought Battleborn I was expecting frequently updates through the years and now probably it became just a dream.

I was thinking this game could have a long longevity like League of Legends or Team Fortress 2, basically because I see as a mash-up from them. New characters, modes and maps, of course, less frequently older it goes. What I see it’s just the first five characters they announce, the maps they are working on and then it’s done, the tier 3 skins I really don’t know if it’s going to happen now, after that, nothing. Tthat’s what they promise and delivery, sad it is I’m ok with that.

It may go beyond a little more, but we already saw games that ditched the pc version because it’s no more profitable and launch only new content for the console version.

My point is server costs and with no new influx of money, no company in the right mind will go to red only to see their costumers happy, that’s not how it is done. I know the server could be up for a couple of years, but after that, you know how it ends.

What I’m trying to say is, could they in their last patch launch a Lan version without the need to be online all the time? What is your opinions about this?

I haven’t been reading anything on this the last couple of days, so correct me if I am wrong, but I thought they had planned content both free and paid for.

So new maps, characters, skins etc.

I meant content for years to come, you know, how these other games work.

And that’s not the reason of the topic, I was talking about a possible Lan mode in the last patch for the game live on.

Your title seems to suggest otherwise - there’s no mention of LAN request in it and in your initial post, you only mention LAN request in the final paragraph.

You have to remember that Battleborn has only been out for a month. At this stage they have already announced that post-launch there will be 5 additional characters (4 more now that we have Alani), 5 PVE story missions, more maps, game modes, taunts and skins.

Beyond this, they haven’t announced anything, but that isn’t unusual, in fact it’s quite common in gaming terms. Games like Destiny didn’t announce anything for Year 2 until late on in Year 1. The Division (released 2 months ago) has only announced broadly what is coming in Year 1 and (as far as I’m aware) there’s no mention of anything for Year 2.

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They’ve announced more than most games at this stage and as for what comes after that, I dont expect it to be free content like the stuff they got coming now but as long as there are enough players still wanting new stuff GBX is pretty good about giving great DLC(sometimes better than the base game) so I would think they would keep it coming as long its profitable but that’s really up to us the players.

I know that, it’s just the low player base that can compromise their plans, you can work in a game that won’t make the cash you are expecting or you can focus in a new one and stop bleeding money.

And about the Lan, you need to first read the topic to respond right? You’re not going to answer a question you don’t know.

I’m happy to pay whatever they launch for this game.

I highly doubt LAN version is even possible. Seems like too many things in the game are driven by the server; thus to deliver a LAN version they need to publish a cut-off local server application.

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We have to stick into the reality. I mean, yeah – a major part of Battleborn is the continuing of support from the developers, and it’s something Gearbox certainly does (new and frequent patches, quick updates, free gear stuff, new characters; new maps and mods are in development) – but let’s be honest, from the very beginning Gearbox and 2K said that they’ll make more of Battleborn for sure, but there is one major but – they’ll make more of the game if the demand is there, and let’s not deceive ourselves when we’re seeing the player base and the daily pick for this game – the demand is not clearly there, and it’ll be just a waste of money in creating new content for nothing.

It’s something I personally respect – at the very least, we’ll get a new content for this year and the year after. What will happen in the future? It’s completely devoted to our own hands, and we can’t blame Gearbox nor 2K for that. There is a risk with Battleborn, something they didn’t fear to share – and it’s his relevance in the industry. Right now, I can’t bring up a reason for them continuing the support for something the players doesn’t want to play. If that’s the case, I’d rather want them to focus on some other big major projects, such as BIA or Borderlands. For the record, I’m having a blast with Battleborn, clearly a great game with a lot of personality, and I love Gearbox for making this joy. But if, essentially, there isn’t more of Battleborn, should I be mad at them? no, we can’t help that; we knew the floop was a thing before we bought the game, and we know it’ll still be there. If it ends up happening, then I’ll say with no regrets thanks to the folks over at Gearbox for trying something else, rather then go full load on Borderlands 3.

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Indeed, but people do read the title first and by the time they’ve read most of your post they have something to say about the content for this game in the coming year, hence my post. :slight_smile:

Regarding adding LAN to the game, I’m in agreement with @maskerader, I don’t think it’s possible. Battleborn isn’t a peer-to-peer game, it’s server based and their servers deal with much of what goes on in the game, keeping stats on everything from gear to unlocks to character health and damage (which is why they can make tweaks to Galilea and Alani in hotfixes to sort OP issues initially before pushing out a patch later to deal with other stuff). As this is the case, they’d have to produce a server version for release to work with LAN. As this would take time and money to do so (even if it’s possible depending on how their server setup and the software works) then I think it’s unlikely they’ll devote resources to doing this.

Let’s just hope that their support for the game in Year 1 is good and we see some more people picking up Battleborn. It’s less of an issue on the PS4 and XBox (which seem fine generally for numbers) but I know that the player base on PC is low and could do with a boost.

Why? I surely can) Small playerbase comes from lack of marketing, not from the game itself. And marketing is what 2k was supposed to do, am I right? Still, Gearbox staff is too optimistic for current game’s state, I hope they know something about game’s future we don’t know.

I do not agree with this statement.

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You sir, express my feelings, in your own words about this and thank you for that.
I totally understand and respect the decision that will come.

Not that us don’t want to play, we like this game, thats why we are here, talking about the future. What he probably was trying to say is a lot of people don’t want to play, that’s why we have a lower player base since the beginning and for a company point of view, they can’t continue to support in a long term something like this.
Just look at tv shows that got cancelled in 3 episodes in air, movies that was supposed to launch a franchise and fail in the first or comics that the story is rushed because don’t sell well enough. Everything that have a low costumer base is cut short from the start for damage control.

That is just how PR works, they’ll never say something bad to the public to create disgust and panic. You never see somebody saying something bad in any way about the product he works for, the only way this happens is when there’s a leak of something personal, but for public speaking, never happen.

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I would love to be able to pay for everything they throw out for this game because I truly believe that this game isn’t going anywhere for a long time but sadly as much as id love to I’m not sure if ill be able to buy dlc(I haven’t even got season pass yet) due to having a baby on the way and trying to get prepared.

I really, really hope support continues for a long time to come. I’d also be happy to buy any DLC that came my way… I’ve got more than my money’s worth of fun and excellent gameplay from every Gearbox title I’ve bought (I didn’t buy Duke Nukem Forever). My concern is that without an ongoing, solid PC player base the value of keeping up servers will diminish… which makes me feel anxious because the game is so damn good!

Well, lets be honest here; Battleborn as a whole wasn’t really a clear thing ti’ll the closed technical test back in October. Most of the people who saw the game didn’t know what to expect, what should they compare it to in order to express their feelings and thoughts about that, and what in conclusion they need to think about the product, and that’s basically was the reception; in-different for the most parts. 2K also suffered from that problem; they’ve started with a little more serious tone because of the narrative niche. When it didn’t really work – they’ve changed their approach of marketing regarded Battleborn into a Borderlands tone because why the heck not – it was like that almost ti’ll the end, when they took Battleborn into the 80’s cartoon TV series style tone. Why it happened, you’re asking? In my opinion, it mainly happened because they announced on Battleborn a little too quick to my taste. The game wasn’t really ready by it’s core ti’ll his really late parts of development – and the game is still evolving, changing, and growing, to this very last day. If fact, Battleborn, where he stands right now, is not even close to perfection of its core gameplay, and Gearbox knows that – that’s why they want us to help them clear all the problems out of the way, together.

And while I hate to do that, some other big-game from the competitor (Cough… Overwatch Cough…) announced about the same time Battleborn did, more or less (I believe Battleborn announced before Overwatch on the Game Informer cover), but they did announce on Overwatch when he was pretty much done, by all means – which are also related to his concept and core gameplay. When you’re taking all that mentioned above to mind and adding the almost impossible competition in terms of budgets and marketing departures, you’re getting the problem faced on 2K. I’m not saying it’s not their fault – their missions is to make Battleborn, their product, more approachable and noticeable by all of their power, but we can’t deny it was pretty much impossible when you come to think about the state the game were when it was announced. It didn’t click with most of the people, and if we’re taking all of Randy’s statements about the rivaling between Blizzard, we’re getting into the present – when the game is not really well received, even by it’s own community (=Give a brief look into the Steam reviews on Battleborn’s community hub – it’s pretty much a justice war between players, when some of them, unfortunately, are pointing out a lot of missteps the game has at the moment).

‘‘For something the players doesn’t want to play’’ – I’ve talked about the general reception of Battleborn; the sells aren’t great, at the least.

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When you say you ‘hate to do that’, do you mean reporting bugs, and suggesting improvements? I think it’s great when people are willing to come onto these forums and offer useful feedback about how the game can be moved forward, and equally great that Gearbox are willing to listen to them.

I’m not chasing after a perfect product on release. It would surprise me if everyone was. I personally think a game that’s capable of evolving is far more promising than one that’s pushed out as a single package and never adapted or changed. OP mentioned TF2; that game was a completely different, much smaller title when it first came out. It’s been kept going largely because content evolved.

It might even have been better if they’d released Battleborn earlier, which would have given it time to build up a more solid player base (even with bugs), and hence stopped some of the redundant, needlessly toxic comparisons to Overwatch that have sprung up on social media, which have a great deal more to do with release date proximity and marketing than actual gameplay…

I appreciate that those two issues tend to influence people’s gut reaction to the game because it takes a bit longer to get involved in playing it than to pay attention to surface issues. Still, I’m always heartened when i see forum discussions that really engage with the game itself rather than iterating all the supposed missteps… which as you yourself say, is unfortunate.

No, you’re misunderstood what I wrote or I just didn’t explain myself well; when I said ‘‘while I hate to do that…’’ I’ve talked about the comparison between Battleborn and Overwatch – different games with different niche, but I had to do that in order to make out a point. And when I’ve talked about ‘‘perfecting the formula’’ I didn’t mean by any conclusion that we need a ‘‘perfect game’’ on launch, it wasn’t my statement at all. I’ve talked about the basics of the game – the core gameplay that are somewhat lacking in terms of logic’s and comprehensions.

Let’s all not forget that Battleborn is way more complex than Overwatch – even by it’s own core gameplay; the way Battleborn designed was to give us the option between all the the scenarios of character combinations when we could literally create a ‘‘different character’’ on each match; a feature that makes the game really hard to balance and keep up with the logic’s of the entire system. Let’s add all the loot component that are effecting the characters and let’s not forget the logic basics of the modes (=minions, turrets, etc…) and we’re getting a pretty hard game to balance on launch – it’s just that Overwatch was pretty much a done and clear product by it’s reveal and launch, while Battleborn wasn’t and isn’t at the moment.

And I can see why you’re suggesting Battleborn should have been out sooner, but the reality is – the game wasn’t ready at that moment, he wasn’t even close to be ready. TBH most of the features that are in the game right now looks like something they thought about from the whim of the moment and added them really late on the development cycle. It doesn’t make any sense to release an half backed product whatsoever – so I do respect and support the decision they made to delay the game.

And while I can see what you’re saying here, I can’t really take that statement seriously. Battleborn isn’t a perfect game – not even close to be that. While it’s still a great, fun and an innovating piece (In my eyes, at the least), the game is a way long from being perfected. Because of that, it’s just normal to discuss about all the problems the game has, because we care about the product and that’s the reason we’re so hard on him – we want him to to better because we know he can do better.

My only problem with the great community here and on reddit is that every single time someone has to drop some word on Overwatch while talking about the game. Yeah, I did that sin too, but I find that quite ridiculous when one game have so much effect on some other game – even by it’s community. I say we should focus on Battleborn and suggest from our bottom of our gaming heart the best solutions there is out there for the game in order to do and be better. If we’ll unite, Battleborn will survive. That’s my two cents on that matter.

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Which statement? That it doesn’t help to iterate missteps? What I mean by that is there’s a big difference between listing everything that has supposedly gone wrong with this game and why it’s failed, and offering productive comments on bugs, glitches, and character imbalance. I’m definitely not saying, and have never said, that Battleborn is a perfect game. I’ve never played a perfect game.

I care about it too. But Battleborn isn’t a naughty schoolchild who needs to start appreciating how badly it’s been misbehaving in order to learn the error of its ways and turn over a new leaf. It’s a game. You can’t trash a game - e.g. talking endlessly about its faults, speculating about which bits weren’t planned properly, and comparing it pointlessly to other games - and then claim righteously that you’re punishing it for its own good. You can start criticising Gearbox, but I’m not sure that will get results.

If people genuinely want to improve a game they enjoy and have faith in, there are ways to do it: make productive suggestions for what characters need to be balanced, be a good member of the community both ingame and on forums, and report back problems in as polite and positive a way as possible. I think it’s also helpful to avoid the need to make final or even apocalyptic judgments on what the game should be and what’s wrong with it. Being specific is always good.

About Overwatch… people do seem to be struggling to restrain themselves from following others into making this comparison, even when they don’t want to. It hasn’t yielded much insight in any of the discussions I’ve seen. I agree with your opinion - at least the one in your last post - that bringing it up doesn’t help us move forward with Battleborn itself.

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I’ve talked about the whim to just being in some euphoric world where the game is perfect – which could be really nice, but unfortunately, it’s not the case. One of our most important missions is to help the developers clear up some problems out of the way – and while I can’t say we’re being iterating the missteps, I can say that Battleborn has missteps which we shouldn’t neglect for the favor of the reception. It’s just not how the world is gonna be, and we have to accept that. Yeah, I hate the toxic there is for Battleborn on the net that based on some false assumptions, but I can’t really support the claim which we can’t show our concerns and suggestions, which you refereed as ‘‘iterating’’, because it shows we’re not pleased with what we’re playing or something – I can’t and doesn’t want to deceive the people around me; if something is bothering me, heck I’ll show that as many times as I can, ti’ll it doesn’t a thing anymore.

Battleborn is indeed a game, but I can’t see your reference to why we can’t complain about the things that are bothering us; at the end of the day, Battleborn is a product which we paid for – and we want to get the maximum from our money; while I can’t really support all the toxic in the community regard some of the minor problems of the game – the painful truth is that Battleborn has a lot of problems at the moment which are makes him rejected and misunderstood by the general reception. The game is indeed
enjoyable, but one of it’s premises is to gain it’s own evolution by our suggestions and complains – that’s how the industry works; If my product doesn’t quite perform as it should be, I’ll be the first one to shout that from the top of my lunges – then again, because the game is important to me and I want it to do better, because I know he can; that’s basically what Gearbox want’s from us – talking and sharing thoughts about their product; you may call it ‘‘being a butthurt’’, I call it ‘‘being a dedicated consumer’’.

Well, you’re just repeating yourself with all the ‘‘make productive suggestions for what can be improved’’ (=which ti’ll this very day I can’t find your reference to why my or other people suggestions here is essentially not a ‘thing’); And here I’m coming back to something I clarified in my last post; You’re taking the ‘‘problems’’ into something which are very directive and obvious while I’m talking about some other, big and major problem the game faced on – and it’s not balancing the characters, it’s about balancing the core as a whole, which is a way harder thing to do, and for that they need our ‘complaints’ in order to lock on the problems and ‘‘kill’’ them; it’s how we gain from the relation between the developers – the two of us want the ‘‘perfect game’’ and in order to do that, we have to unite and share our concerns together, it’s just how a dedicated developer cooperating with her dedicated fan base.

The game is now a month old and already had alot of hotfixes, patches, weekly updates+patches and a new character. I don´t see how you can argument with future years without updates that dissappointed you, if the game is so young and updates coming so regulary.

Also GBX games (talking BL-BL2 here) were supported for years and still get fixes and updates.
I don´t see why you predict such a dark future and putting your prediction in a way it sounds like a predetermined fact…

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