I was expecting to play Battleborn for the next 5 years, maybe will be able to. (This is not a mean post about the game is dying)

You expected to play for the next 5 years? I’ve been gaming most of my life and there has never been a game I thought I would be playing for 5 years. Even MMOs I expect to play maybe a year. EQ2 I played for 7 years, but never thought I’d stay that long.

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With this low pc player base I don’t see how it’s worth to continue with the updates, 6 months from now I really don’t know if anybody will be able to find 10 in matchmaking, only in the peak hours. I really hope for a miracle but I saw how this goes multiple times in another games, I’m not going to lie for myself ):

I have multiple games that from time to time I come back and play for a period. I’m not saying that I was thinking to play 5 years interrupted, every single day. A few matches every week, it was my plan.

You already said it: “Pc player base”. Thats the thing. On consoles the game is running great, the matchmaking never takes longer than 2-8minutes and we´ve a constant influx of new players over the last two weeks.
Battleborn was even better promoted for PS4 than XB1 or PC, so the main playerbase is on PS4. I´m on XB1 and as said, its a good experience here as well and we get alot fresh blood everyday.

Even if GBX cannot fix the PC issues completely they have 2 strong consoles to make their fair share of profit with, so I´m sure they´ll support BB at least for 3 years.

I knew what you meant, but still a few times a week for 5 years is a lot.

Yeah, that is the fear I have, ditch the pc version and focus only in the console versions. I know they are more profitable, but we pc users get smoked in the process. For the company point of view its only natural, for we who play on pc it really sucks.

They cannot simply didge the PCversion. If the PS4 version had these issues GBX could not didge the PS4-version either. Its not how they work as far as I know.
They always prepared fixes and patches for the game itself and took care that hese fixes were made on all consoles at the same time. You have not to be afraid or fear for BB´s future. You can, but its not necessary.

I ment this for ALL consoles/platforms, PC inclusive :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if you find my ideas repetitive. If so, you don’t have to engage with them. What I was trying to say was that focusing on things that can’t actually be addressed in a community-influenced update - like marketing, like the existence of Overwatch - is not very helpful in thinking about how to secure the game’s future.

That isn’t a comment on your posts specifically. I’m not here to make a list of who I think are the worst forum users or anything. If you haven’t seen any posts that list / shout what’s wrong with this game in a negative way, then that’s good and my comment doesn’t matter to you.

I personally think that the game has a solid core and just needs balancing and tweaks (I’m assuming here that technical issues like matchmaking time can be improved). I can’t predict the future of the gaming industry but I think Battleborn deserves to have a long life, and hopefully people won’t be put off by the fixable problems they’ve encountered, or the sweeping / negative feedback that some of the community have offered.

This thought has cheered me! Though I never thought I’d be glad of the existence of consoles… :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are right about that. PC gamers get the shaft so much. I’ve been a PC gamer since the 90’s and just last year I got a PS4 and play mostly on that. The PC while superior in hardware, the gaming companies focus on consoles. Add all the hacks that are in PC gaming, it’s just easier to play on consoles.

Is hacking not so much of an issue in console gaming? I don’t have any experience in it. It’s always a shame that the same versatility of PC game which allows for incredible creative modding also lets people cheat and ruin games.

Hacks on console are almost unheard of. It’s not like PC where you can just download the hacks you want. With console you would need to know the console’s OS. Even if you do that whenever the console does an update of the OS you would lose the hack. That’s even if the console will update if it detects that OS has been altered.

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I respect your concerns and you have every right to state your opinion…but jeeeez…

How may more threads are we going to get like this?

Goodness gracious…the game is a month old for crying out loud…and GB seems intent to fix and improve.

And the comparisons to OW…it’s apples and oranges…these are two different products with the ONLY overlap in PvP.

Write in support tickets…do polls for fixes and new feature…how about some petitions to do this or fix that…

But for the love of the good Lord…PLEASE…

Let’s all just take a breath and go play a VERY, VERY fun game and let things sort themselves out for a couple of months.


This topic was about implement a Lan system, it’s not my fault he got a lot sidetracked ):

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Ah, the joys of thread evolution! :joy:

I think it’s a great idea. Implementing an offline mode (maybe even a separate save for offline Campaign) would give the game years worth of playtime long after the servers go dark. As a gamer who retro games often it’s honestly the only way I’d ever buy BB.

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Oh no, no. I didn’t talk about your ideas being repetitive, it wasn’t my intention at all – I’ve talked about the fact we’re exchanging messages with the same ideas inside for about a day or so… I find that quite meaningless given the fact we clearly have different opinions about Battleborn’s future and keeping the discussion while there isn’t quite a meaning (=Well, I’ve pretty much said what I wanted to say), it’s, you know, just repetitive-ish. And I think you misunderstood again, or I just didn’t explain myself well; when I talked about the marketing cluserfuck I didn’t by any means try to suggest the marketing department of Battleborn what to do – I understand nothing regard marketing; I just tried to bring up a little of analysis about what caused Battleborn to be in this very state.

Welp, I respect your opinion, but can’t agree with that. I think Battleborn in a whole is a big, chunky and delicious combination of ideas turned into an hot-pot, but didn’t turn very well because of… you know, a lot of reasons. I find the marketing the minority here, really – if the game’s really good, people will play it, it’s just… Battleborn needs more time to develop – that’s why I took Overwatch as an example of a game which from the very first time was ready – again, because of a lot of reasons. At the end of the day we all want the same thing, we want Battleborn to succeed because we think it’s a pretty fun game.

I personally want’s to see Battleborn not in a month for some changes… not even in two months, I want to see the game a year after launch – when they’ve pretty much got the scratch of the crucial problems the game has and by then, hopefully, fix and change some of them. It’s really interesting to see what Battleboen will turn into, given to mind that if enough people will play it.