I was surprised that the Dahl Weapon increase wasn't more all encompassing

While everyone knows that the Nighthawkin is a great Dahl SMG, there are other Dahl SMG’s and Pistols that leave a lot to be desired.

While I’m not mad that they didn’t buff them, I was a little surprised that the buff to the manufacture was so tightly focused.

Honestly, after watching streams today, and seeing the update in action for the Star Helix, I’d love for Krader’s EMP5 to have a slight boost in damage. While it is very accurate, with zero recoil, and has the added movement speed effect, It’s still only going to be what I used to move, and then I’ll swap to another gun for Damage.

Even with the perfect anoint, it just doesn’t do enough damage. For an M4 only drop, I was slightly bummed to only use it for movement speed on Zane, and then swapping over to Cutsmen, even off element, to kill things.