I was wrong.....Patch is GREAT!

When you are wrong…you’re wrong. and that was me.

I made a speculative post a couple days ago, not based on personal experience, on this patch that was a tad negative.

@Psychichazard Got a friendly little reminder that perhaps I should play the patch first before commenting. Gee…go figure…

And it’s hard to argue COMMON SENSE. So I did…played the patch for about 8 hours.

And it’s pretty much GREAT!

IB still hits like a truck…
Fire in the Skagg Den is still…AWESOME!
Short Fuse is still…AWESOME!
All the stuff I thought was tremendously positive from the previous patch was still there!

And the loot pool spread, veteran’s rewards, and a host of other things…are SWEET!

Potential nerfs seem to either be “not that bad”…or have had the opposite effect and actually become stronger…go figure.

The game has opened back up for me…LOVING IT! So many different possibilities and builds again…even at M10. I have spent a couple weeks putting together a Moze Purple/Blue ONLY build…no Legendaries allowed…and last night I completed the Maliwan Takedown with it at M10. Total fun and some of those Uniques are just incredible on Moze, La Varlope anyone?? (a blue for crying out loud!)

Soooo many really unique and fun guns that are NOT legendaries that are just damn fun AND can now be successful at the game’s highest level.

Good job GB…Keep it up! At this rate the game will REALLY be set up nicely for year 2!!

I was wrong and I won’t comment again without personal experience. Guess I just am becoming a "grumpy old man"


What are you talking about? The scaling removal on the nova anointment was completely unnecessary and ruined a perfectly viable anointment for no reason.

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His “Speculative disappointment” quote is about to be enshrined on my wall in a frame. :laughing:


My bare minimum of head count and rakk attack interaction bug was fixed so I 'm satisfied and Fl4k’s pets buff was a step in the right direction but still need more other then that overall its okay.


Dedicated drops were butchered.

This patch is horrible, in so many ways, it isn’t even funny.

But at least it got rid of those darned While Sliding Anoints!

Oh wait.


From your post I’m assuming you only played for like 2 hrs after the patch dropped OR no hours at all.

Sliding anoints still showing was fixed pretty quickly same day.

Dedicated drops are “meh” but nothing to the point of “butchered”. You’re entitled to your opinion though.


I have not “farmed” a bunch recently so I can’t comment on drops being butchered. But loot is dropping like rain for me in M10 play…seems about the same as 3 weeks ago.

Loot in the Vendors is upgraded for me…I mean legendaries in vendors are common!

Veteran rewards are a nice addition because I like to play around with Uniques and don’t want to do another Play Thru.

Moze seems totally untouched…in a good way from the Patch.

The guns I do see with anointments…all at M10…and I have yet to see one of the anoints that was removed appear on a new drop…

I like that they have spread the loot pool…bosses with 4-5 rewards become very difficult to farm for a specific.

The list goes on with improvements…

You are obviously unhappy so feel free to give me reasons why you think the patch was bad.

I am seeing the patch mostly from a Moze viewpoint so I am likely missing something.


I farmed Agonizer for 5 hours straight, after the patch, looking for Backburners.

I got 5… all with terrible anoints.

Well, all but one.

It had no Anoint. At MM10.

The night prior, I snagged 60 Backburners in 2 hours.

The dedicated drops are borked.

But hey - Agonzier gave me a bunch of Firestorms, and badly rolled Unforgivens! Winning!

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Could it be just that boss…or are others reporting this and 60 Backburners!

You must want a VERY specific one…good luck!

I would think now that they have resorted the loot pool…some issues will appear that will need fixing…

They always do…

Actually… I want 4 very specific ones.

Well, five, in truth.

But I got 1 of them, the night before the patch.

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As @Bremen1 said, FL4K got some love in this update. A little bit more and they will be in a very good place!

The only farming u have done post patch was Warden for some N2M Plaguebearers, and got 2 nice rolls in about an hour. They seem to be dropping much more frequently.

I do miss the Jakob’s ricochets, but if that’s all I can complain about I’m gonna call this a very successful patch.

I do hope they can find a way to incorporate vertical split in the near future. This doesn’t even effect me and I feel like it should be near the top of the to-do list.

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It depends how you’re playing Fl4k. Fade Away/Rakk Fl4k, yes. However, if you’re looking for a pet build, then there’s still a great deal of work to do. Some improvements like letting pets benefit from Fl4k’s anointments, improving the augments of Gamma Burst, totally reinventing the Dominance capstone, creating a new damage multiplier during Gamma Burst and looking at the pet damage formula overall so that less things are additive and more things are multiplicative would be great for starters.

@boombumr is kind of the go to guy for this topic.

Edit: I should also mention making Attack Commands far more responsive as right now they do not feel good at all. For one thing, triggering them takes far too long and for another the pet should immediately drop what they are doing and respond.


Pets are very capable against trash mobs at M10, but yet they are a very very long way from GTD level. Surely they screwed something up with the Attack Commands and will get rectified soon. But at least more than the Scorcher can kill stuff now lol

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Yeah, they’re better than they were I have to admit, but they could still be better. I want them at the level where they are substantial/at least noticeable in Takedowns and end game content. For the level of investment you put in, you should be amply rewarded. If the damage of a pet build was roughly on par with a standard Red/Green build we see with so many Fl4ks then I think people would be happy. Right now it’s only a viable alternative if you are happy to be less effective to get there.

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Big Game not boosting pet damage on hunter skills, which as far as I know is still the case. Correct me if I’m wrong.

As for the patch, I like it so far. I really wish they’d just look into the mayhem modifiers if for nothing else then because some of them are really horrid for the games performance.

As for Fl4k, my horn skag is now killing regular enemies at M10, about 400k a hit I think. That’s about where I’d expect it to be considering I’m not overly invested in pet damage but still have some of it. Not saying pet builds don’t need some love, just saying I think the base seems pretty good now if the skill / GB modifiers got tweaked based on what it is now. The pet doesn’t feel completely worthless for a non-pet focused Fl4k and that’s nice.


Certain bosses have noticeably better drops, Killavolt for one. I farmed him for about 90 minutes total, probably got about 25 monarchs. I think of those there were only 3 I wasn’t interested in using.


Beefcake hits 1-2 million fairly regular now on my build.

This 100%, it’s kinda a pain that you have to hold down the action skill button. I was trying to see earlier if I could remap it but no luck. If they let me set it to a different key that I could just press once, that would solve it

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Remind me what L3 and R3 do, I know one of them is melee.

Not sure why getting attack commands to be responsive is so difficult - Zanes drone and Wilhelms Wolf in TPS have very responsive attack commands.

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