I Welcome Your Attack, Fool!

Any general tips on how to land this achievement? Priority enemies to eliminate, top gear, etc.

[BA Round of Holodome without going into FFYL]

I haven’t got this achievement yet but I would try it with a full team and try to let your team mates draw aggro.

Some basic stuff that will work with all classes. I got the achievement solo with Wilhelm, at lvl 60 on UVHM… that was quite insane and fun getting it!

Be more cautious. Use the outer ring tunnels to funnel foes in. Memorize parts that get you wrecked, and prepare for them. I know a part in 3 will usually down me if I am not careful.

CC is extremely good too. A Singularity, or even better, a Quasar will save your butt from getting jumped.

Use a high freeze chance cryo weapon. Freeze the badasses, then use an explosive weapon to quickly destroy them. Can never go wrong with a Tourge Ravager for shattering and a Frigia for freezing.

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I didn’t know it was an achievement until I got it. KrewlaiN said it right. Freeze the big stuff. I have had several runs with Wilhelm and Jack and never gone down, just freeze, kill and move if you get overwhelmed. I am not particularly cautious, but if you get some opahs and gargantuas on that upper ring its best to head down. It can get hot up there.

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Although it sounds like it can be done, a cheat is to go back to normal mode. I do this for many BA challenges where I want the skins or for prestiging (at least I did in BL2, not there yet in BLTPS).


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same here, I went back to Normal mode for this challenge, but go to UVHM for fun and challenges

Eh, ■■■■ it. I’ll go to Normal lol

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I can do it reliably on sapper claptrap, projection jack and blaster wilhelm, not quite so on melee athena and melee nisha. Haven’t tried with other builds yet.

Basically, cryo is your main source of crowd control, followed by a singularity grenades and buttslams. Try pushing tough badasses into the pit as much as possible, and run like a sissy while your action skill is on cooldown.

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  1. Start TVHM or UVHM if you haven’t
  2. Beat the story again
  3. Go back to holodome overleveld
  4. Destroy everything
    5 Profit?
  1. Pizza??
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Moxxi’s Pizza exists on Elpis at least. I know this is off topic, but since this is before the Underdome being demolished, why is Moxxi tending a bar instead?

I’ve done the BA round with Athena several times, got the cheevo in a three person group the first time I tried it and I haven’t been knocked into FFYL yet with her. The Aspis makes any attacks trivial and when it’s not out, simply avoid as much fire as you can. I did it solo a few times it was much easier even though all enemies aggro on you, the health is so much less when it’s just you.

Gotta admit, I took my level 50 Nisha back through on Normal mode so I could get the achievement. I’m not too proud to go there and I haz no patience sometimes. :wink:

I DID wind up running through two BA rounds in TVHM with that same level 50 Nisha, and beat them both without going into FFYL. Sure, that made my Normal run-through a waste of time, but a girl has to corner the market on occasion, know what I mean?

It’s how she keeps an eye on Jack.

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I was thinking that taking a level 50 or 60 character into a playthrough 1 Holodome would be the easiest way.

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4 tries and always seem to have a Reaper spawn behind me and instantly down me…

And it is always wave 4 or 5.

I kill him quick and come out of FFYL and that winds up my only death.

One death…LOL



I had to really back off from an aggressive playstyle to a lot more strategic tunnel ratting…


The last 2 times I went through the UVHM Badass round without a FFYL and still didn’t get the achievement. Once in a party of four and once with johnrr6. :rage: What gives?

I can verify…he did not go down once…

I went down at lest three times…

But that should not affect his achievement…should it??

I saw the cheevo unlock in co-op then a week later it disappeared from my unlocked cheevos and that kinda pissed me off, but I went ahead and unlocked it again in solo mode and thankfully it’s stayed unlocked so far.