I will miss the bee, infinity and the norfleet

And a jackmask!!

My words… will ring in your ears for miles!

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2 things.

1 - The Infinity has already been seen from footage online
2 - Moze has an infinite ammo (bottomless mag) build to work with most weapons

So i’m sure you’ll not be disappointed. As yet nobody will know about the most OP gear in the game, but probable there will be some amazing stuff to replace some of the stuff not returning. But there is a lot of stuff returning too…so you never know.

I’ve seen varkids evolving, so it may be possible we’ll have the return of Verm or another - fingers crossed.

Does Zane really has infinite ammo build? I though it was Moze?

Infinity is confirmed to be returning, I have seen it in a gameplay video. Bee is apparently confirmed to not return, as Gearbox considered it to be broken. Not sure about Norfleet.

Its Moze and its not quite infinite ammo but it definitely reduces how often you reload by a lot.

I was replying to @DaRTH_FuRioN about his comment.
I know about bottomless magazine Moze skill tree.

Zane has grenade regen, but not ammo regen unless it’s on a class mod or something.

sorry MYBAD was tired and stated the wrong VH. Yes it is Moze with the bottomless mag build.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTKvO2hkO9E&t=1164s) skip to 1:30 where he’s starts.

The Bee I won’t miss at all, but the Rerouter is back and eats half your shield when full for 150% extra gun damage. So sniper players will have fun with that. The Bee is an awesome shield, don’t get me wrong, but it’s brokenness made UVHM as bullet-spongy as it is and made most Raid Bosses as bullet-spongy as they are. Without the Bee there would be no need for it.

As was said before, the Infinity is back.

And the Norfleet will be missed for sure, but I’m sure that Gearbox has put some amazing heavy weapons in BL3. And hey, we seem to find heavy ammo more often now, which is neat. And if you want to feel overpowered with a Rocket launcher, go get a Mongol (which is back!) and use it with Moze’s “Some for the Road” which reduces the ammo consumption of all your weapons to zero for 5 seconds after exiting the Iron Bear. Rockets EVERYWHERE!

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I won’t miss them at all :slightly_smiling_face: I am looking forward to not knowng how anything works and having the learning experience I had when I moved from BL1 to BL2. I’m sure I’ll die more but I’ll have tremendous fun doing it! :smiley:


Add me to the list of people glad that the bee and Norfleet got snapped.

Infinity is overrated so I don’t have an opinion on it.


It’s very unlikely you’ll see the Bee unless it’s changed completely. If you look at the damage cards of weapons in the game at level 30 etc., they are very low. So Amp shields would have to be different, like Narfleks menioned above - it adds 150% damage, not a flat 4560 Damage.

The one thing i’ve noticed from other weapons i’ve seen, is the Element damage doing more than the weapon damage. Be interesting to see more when at level 50.

So it seems like the scaling of damage is far lower and you’ll be able to keep weapons longer like in B1 ??

That gun looks f’ing AWESOME.

So… Is that gun Alien Anointed? Or is all the anointed guns gonna have those alien barrels?

As I recall, you can get the Alien compoents on multiple weapons in Borderlands 3, it’s not tied to the anointed system as far as I know. The only reason that weapon is anointed is because it was found in the Black Market shop, which sells anointed weapons in exchange for eridium.

From what I know You can also get Anointed weapons from Proving Grounds.

Proving Grounds and the Black Market shop, yep. The new Mayhem Mode they just announced at PAX will have increased drop chances for them apparently.

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The alien barrel I don’t think has anything to do with anointed. In the first gameplay demo when people got the legendary from one of the bosses it always had an alien barrel that I could see but had no anointed stat bonus. It may just be the replacement for E-tech variants this time around as there was a vid where one of the devs talked about it briefly and the described it as a sort of weapon modifier that changed the weapon behavior in various ways.

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Using an anointed weapon that offers a fairly high magazine & this particular effect could enable moze to keep this 50% additional bonus damage up for quite some time :heart_eyes:

Or Fl4k with a Rakk build, cooldown reduction from class mod, high critchance from megavore ahhh

Or Elemental Amara build with her Deep Well skill (+20% magazine size with elemental weapons), +30% elemental damage, 18 second cooldown damage link Phasegrasp, a cooldown reducing class mod, and her 20% lifesteal doing elemental damage with sustainment, she’ll be able to keep that bonus almost all of the the time while boosting it’s damage.