I will miss the bee, infinity and the norfleet

This will be the beauty in the end game. We’ll have an opportunity to create builds using these anointed weapons. Be interesting to see how many different effects they can give.

Also, what about other gear? Will every piece of gear be anoint 'able? Class mods, nades, relics, shields?

I can see a lot of people running for that scenario. Find the best Weapons in the game and hope for anointed drops with god roles for your build. Should make a Speed Challenge thread for the Proving Grounds nice, and something everyone can get involved in.

Only thing I’ll miss is the Grog Nozzle on my melee Zero but Amara has some good skills that have life steal, health regeneration, etc.

H, thanks to all for the replies I hope to see at least similar weapons in the new Borderlands 3.


Good F riddance. The less “gimmicky” the game has to be, the better.

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You don’t like gimmicky, but you like borderlands? That makes 0 sense to me. The entire game is essentially one giant gimmick, filled with tons of smaller gimmicks.


Lol. You are mostly right about the quirky nature of Borderlans. It has been a love-hate relationship for me. In general, the Bree and the Grog were total gimmicks that trivialized most of the loot in the game. I hope B3 avoids that problem.

In that light, I liked how TPS avoided some, but not all, of these glaring problems.

who are we all kidding, there will be a broken meta found in the 1st few hours and after that’s fixed a new one to chase.

It’s not just a gearbox thing, it’s every game

something comes out way too OP, it’s fixed and the community finds the next big new thing.

I for one love it, can’t wait to play around with what’s the hot new OP item.

thnik back to the smasher when you could stack it, it was so fun to play with then it was fixed and we all found a new toy like the pimpernel on Sal build.

Meh, we’ll have people in endgame on PC before console launch in the US… >.> Blame the existence of Microsoft minutes.