I will probably have a problem with "The Director's Cut"

Problem: I had a stroke in 2011 and my mental process are kind of “broken”.

Now, I did buy the the second update/expansion/whatever. So when the “director’s cut” become available, can someone tell me if this is free for me? And how can I access this, when it becomes available on 8 April 2021?

Yeah… I have some brain damage, and my short term memory is {crap}.

Thank you for your help and have a great day!

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If you bought Season Pass 2, you will have access to it come April 8th. You will need to download it which - depending on your platform - may or may not be automatic. After that, launch the game and that should be it.

I’m guessing that once the DC is installed and recognized by your game, there will be some character echo appearance telling you about a new mission opportunity and where you can go to pick that up - much like previous DLCs.


This will most likely trigger even when you do not even own the damn thing…

Just like DLC5 anoinments and the arms race crap aren’t disabled for people who don’t own that ■■■■…

Marketing ploy or just plain lazy… Or both? Seeing this game probably both…

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It was the same with BL 2, i kept getting mechromancer skins / coms without the dlc’s. It would be worse if you owned only dlc4 and got the dlc1 guns that are known to drop