I wish Ammo Crates automatically went to your inventory after opening

Minor quality of life request would be to have ammo automatically go into inventory after opening them.

I’m constantly on the run/moving in BL3. I love the quick pace and I open crates on the fly and then run & shoot…but then I have to run back after opening them .

If they could do something similar to the Shield Booster where it automatically goes into inventory that’d be sweet.

Assuming you are near enough to them, they already do automatically go into your inventory and shield boosters are auto picked up.

They do… Only if you need the ammo though. If you are full of that type of ammo then nothing happens.

Yeah, that’s the problem is being near enough.

I open them as I run through a level and get into firefights but since I’m on the move after opening I’m never “Close enough” for the ammo/heatlh to go into my inventory forcing me to backtrack and “get close”.

Just hold down the button that you open the ammo crate with and it should automatically grab the ammo.

Just like holding down ‘E’ for instance on new loot right away equips the gun/shield etc.

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That works, thanks bud. It’s going to take some getting used to. I just tried it out and I’m so used to just pressing it once and immediately running away to pick a fight with something. Holding the button as I’m running away is a change but it does work.

I play fast, fast, fast…so pressing the button once doesn’t do anything for me unless I sit around and wait for the chest to fully open.

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