I wish Dominance worked like Thoughtlock

I noticed on some gameplay that you’re unable to damage/kill your dominated enemy and have to wait out the timer. One of my favorite builds with Maya was using Thoughtlock and I liked the fact that I could kill the enemy early (especially proccing Ruin with Subsequence over and over as I killed the “pet” first). I feel like the skill might become a chore if we have to wait out the timer before we can deal damage.

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I think it’s not too hard to use it early in a fight and avoid having to wait.

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It’s not too hard, but anything that prevents your own team from dealing damage to an enemy will be annoying for other members of your team. The dominated target should still be killable IMO.

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I think the fact that we can put at least one more point into the tree has to do with this. That additional point could do something like make the pet permanent as long as it’s a beast and you don’t leave the zone. I wouldn’t want that pet killable. I would know where to get the best pet in each zone, actually, and I’d be mad at my troll buddies (lol jerks) every single time they forced me to run with the weakest pet in the zone lol cause they’d do that.

I want to see the why behind this choice. I just hope it is a good why and not something that really doesn’t impact the game. Then it’s just a change for the sake of change and those are the worst changes to make.

It definitely needs some buffs, it was underwhlming to say the least in the Gamescom build of the game, I already see most theorycrafters are planning to make the red or green trees their primary trees because they are underwhelmed by Dominance. My ideas for buffing it:

  • Visible health bar for dominated targets, with a unique color
  • If dominated target is the last target left alive, you can damage it so you don’t have to wait around for Dominance to end. As a tradeoff, if you start damaging your dominated target, they will start attacking you back (minus the pet damage buffs from below), though they will still lose health from the Dominance damage over time effect until the duration ends.
  • Dominated targets are affected by pet damage buffs from skills like Ferocity, Frenzy, Pack Tactics, Psycho Head on a Stick, and Endurance, in order to give Dominance some synergy with the rest of the tree
  • Dominated targets can reduce action skill cooldown time by the pet reduction amount if they get a kill with Eager to Impress
  • You no longer need to melee an enemy directly to dominate them, hitting the melee button will pull out a whip with a 5 meter range that can hit the target from a safer distance (this will be necessary on TVHM most likely because running into melee range will probably be a death sentence on TVHM unless you have a very tanky build)

Thoughtlock as a skill was an add on to Phase lock, and the Capstone of a tree that included subsequence. You almost had to get subsequence to get to Thoughtlock.

This isn’t a case of “they made the enemy unkillable” but rather that Thoughtlock they had to write a crude damage into it so you could kill the enemy to trigger subsequence so it wasn’t wasted points

What do I mean by Crude? A lot of things don’t trigger off TL’d enemies. Like Chain Reaction or the melee bonus explosive damage from the manly man shield.

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More like most people are floored by the crit build. You get tombstone for heaven’s sake. I don’t remember anyone being gung-ho about melee Nisha either since tombstone was a thing.

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