I wish I could turn off this audio censorship

I mean, I’m not 2 years old. I can handle the swearing. I would also prefer actual swearing to beeping any day now. The only time this censhorship is good and adds to the comedy, is during the algorithm when ISIC showers Kleese with swearings.


agreed but the T would go to M.

for me i would we had blood and gore.

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I dunno. I like it; it makes the game more cartoony and fun for me versus Overwatch that takes itself ultra-serious all the f*****g time.

Different strokes, I suppose.


I agree it’s only funny during the algorithm. Otherwise the bleeping is distracting. I don’t like it in Borderlands either :unamused:

I think its hysterical, actually XD for me, I find bleeping sounds far funnier than the actual swear words. That digital censor installed in Mr. Torgue’s Voicebox? I want one. Badly. But like others have said. Different strokes for different folks.


What game are you talking about? Overwatch is funny all the time and certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I agree, OP. The beeps are lame and should be optional.

TF2 was rated M and look at how well that sold. If this game was rated M maybe it would have higher sales since people who buy games might view this as a child’s game.

Eh, I think the beeps are kinda funny. That way I can use whatever language I want in my own headbrain. Having the option might be nice though.

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I think it should be a toggle. Also, game ratings are not that important these days. Recently saw a 10 year old purchase a “M” game (Doom, iirc) and when the receptionist asked his dad if this was okay the dad did not hesitate to say yes.

I think the BEEP are hardcoded into the sound though. They are only here for the comic factor they provide, or at least I believe so. They are so out of place in an otherwise violent and savage game, that they even further help define and refine that completely incoherent universe filled with cheeky AI, jaded villains, mad scientists, and all the nuances you can find throughout the casting.

Borderlands did the same thing, more or less. I always find that funny when a bloodthirsty mad bad guy gets censored for language. :stuck_out_tongue: