I Wish There Was A Way To Check Challenge & Title Progress Mid-Mission

In Borderlands, you could pull up your challenge list at any time to check your progress while in a mission.

I really wish you could do that in Battleborn!



I think this is a fantastic idea. I would also really like to be able to go to a title and see how much more I need to do. I know I can find it in the challenges section, but most of the challenges don’t have titles associated with it, and I really just care about the titles right now.


I’d also like to see Lore progress in-game too.


Yeah, Titles too!


I’ve been hoping for this since launch. Probably did a post about it too. No response to that one, but still hope the Devs would consider this. Could be a lot of work though.
It was tedious trying to remember all the Lore challenges, what I had done and how much did I have left.


Add a menu item that shows the lore page for your current hero.

What I’d also like to see is “play with this character” Lore challenges listed in character selection. I kept forgetting those. Maybe a “Someone picked Ambra, why don’t you try Galilea or Deande?”

Except like, maybe funny or something.


I’ve been complaining about this since launch. You wouldn’t need something like this if the damn lore challenges worked right to begin with.

Case in point. Raths crossblades challenge. Hit 3 people at once with crossblade. You hit 3 enemies with crossblade (you can tell because they are slowed) and you don’t get points. You hit 5 people with crossblades and you do…IDK, if that number is right. 3 or 4 or whatever. The point is you know how many you are supposed to hit, you hit them, and you don’t get credit.

The only time you know you are getting points is at the every 5 or 10 level… I spent a ton of time farming these types of challenges only to find out I got like 3 or something. It’s like WTF was all that time for???

Yeah, some challenges have really weird tracking.

Alanis “The Lifeguards Have Given Up” is also a good example of weird tracking. Sometimes no matter what I did I was only able to get one of that done per match. Sometimes it didn’t advance at all.
Montanas Dash kills also got on my nerves. It wouldn’t track if you took the most “damaging dash” helix route.

Not to even mention how weird some of the Lore is in the first place! Some seemed to try and get you to play your character optimally or tell you something about the character. Some… Not so much at all.
Why would I use Lumberjack Dash as a finisher? I would completely lose the benefit of the stun!

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exactly. Shiz is annoying to no end.

@reliikki @Masterblizak

For reals on the lumberjack smash and “hit 3 enemies with Crossblade 100 times” challenges!

I had to get 20-30 extra kills for ghe lumberjack smash one to pop, and the Crossblade one seemed like I was only getting credit for it like 1 in 3 times!

LMAO, 1 in 3 if I was lucky. The only time I saw actual movement was when I hit way more than 3. I pretty much had to go do the second mission and sit in that blank zone with all the roaming ferelsi. I know that if I didn’t get credit for hitting like 10 in a row, I was never going to get the credit.

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I, too, feel crossblades not always register, but I did it in a resonable time, mostly in the Renegade. One run is like 40+ to counter, the more players the better.

This would be a great “quality of life” fix that wouldn’t seem to be too hard to implement, but unfortunately I think the devs are dealing with much greater issues with the game at the moment…