I wish you guys fix these in the future

  1. Option to select fighter units only: Its annoying when salvagers are selected in combat.
  2. Separate music and cinematic sound: If you turn off background music all the cutscene sounds are muted too. I’m not saying DOK music’s bad but some people might wanna listen to other things.
  3. Camera movement: I feel like units lose focus very easily when I rotate the screen… I think it’s too sensitive. Also switching from the sensor manager messes up the focus, angles every time.
  4. Overall control schemes are very unrefined: Can’t list everything here but controls are so simplified and I’m saying in a bad way. I could escort multiple units in HW2 (ctrl+G or something) which is not possible in DOK.
  5. Can’t see the group number: Really… I don’t understand why you removed it.
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yea… the more I play and read, the more I get the feeling that this game is a downgrade in so many ways…