I wish Zane's action skill cast times were MUCH snappier

Zane is a pretty fast guy, and he teleports around, jukes enemy attacks, etc… so why does it take over a second to get the clone out? To have the shield up? Over a second again to have the riot shield in hand? To drop it back down? To pick it up again? The trailer guys knew that this stuff needs to feel snappy and responsive. Currently, the delays on these skills prevent us from doing lots of cool stuff.
Oh, and the cast animations interrupt reloads… sigh. A clone+shield zane is almost constantly throwing out the clone, the shield, picking it up… can he get some handless tech for these please? Or grow a third hand, I don’t care.

PS: what if the shield could teleport to his hand from anywhere? Picking it up is kinda awkward sometimes, you get the button prompt, but actually you’re not close enough yet. Just get rid of the issue and let him call it to his hand at will from anywhere.


Not to mention the fact you can’t ONE:TWO these things. I want to call out my clone and drone right after another or at the same time yet the game forces me to wait like 3 seconds in between no matter what. I purposefully quit using the shield since you in some cases have to throw it AND then pick it up too, just got annoying as hell and i’d rather just have mindless dps bots doing stuff on their own than deal with it. Also Zane has a lot of useless skills, weapon speed swap for instance. Have you seen how fast you swap weapons? You couldn’t swap faster if you tried tbh. Completely irrelevant and sad how you can’t do what you want to do with the character because of the shoddy game mechanics.


THIS! I just realized this because whenever I call out my drone and clone at the same time, only one comes out and when I realize what happens one of them is already gone so they never go on attack together lol.

Do I really have to check whether both clone and drone come out whenever I call and I’m swarmed by so many enemies? Nuh uh.