I wonder if BattleBorn will ever become a Esport

With the play style of BattleBorn I can see this Title becoming a big Esport if gear box push it on the pvp end of things. Please tell what you guys think.

Nyah I don´t really see it to escalate, but I´m sure there´ll be a rather big group of hardcore PvP-players that will play it as Esport. As long the community is not growing toxic over it I´m okay with that.

I just hope it will be fun for everyone, no matter if PvP or PvE :heart:


I can see it being a esport if they add some kind of rank play like overwatch

It’s hard to say if it will make it to “Esport”, but they’d have to do a few things to get there, imo.

Generally, e-sport games don’t have random elements, so they’d have to have a certain set of gear available to both teams. Some gear is definitively better, so you’d have to “fix” that.

Maybe also some kind of pick-ban system, idk (but that’s just taking from MOBAs).

It seems like an Esport-esque game, but like Charlest mentioned, they tend to shy away from random elements. But who knows, people are competitive and this is definitely a fun game to be competitive on, so it very well may make it to Esport status.

GBX seem to like making games focused on fun, rather than hardcore competitive. I think they would have to tweak too much on the competitive end, making it less fun for the general public. Who knows though. My guess if it does become an e-sport, it won’t be for a long while. There are a lot of characters /combos that have not shown there true potential yet. In borderlands 2 it took a long time before people realized the potential of zero’s CA.

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Draconis (or whatever) is already recruiting. It might not get as big as LoL, but it may at least have a place in ESports.

Gearbox has stated they want to support the scene. They have said they they might be working on specific tournament gear that everyone who is playing would get access to so the random element is not involved at all. As well, they may implement a ranked matchmaking system in the future. The game launches with Skill-Based Matchmaking as well.

2k also wants to break in to Esports for the Marketing aspects it brings. They supported a 100k tournament for Evolve which is a dead game plus a 250k Tournament for 2k16. Battleborn will become an Esports due to these companies wanting it.

Will it get as big as Dota 2 or LoL? Not even close, playerbase will not be that high. But can it grow to be bigger than Halo and Smite? Yes if the community keeps supporting such a scene. As big as COD? Most likely not.

But I wouldnt be surprised if you saw 2k and Gearbox support Esports play with tournament prizes ranging from 100k to 500k.

Disable the gearbox system and yeah it would work

They could add a ranked mode that added a pick and ban phase and disables your gearbox and added in something to replace gear items as there would be extra shards. these are just ideas.

Not only are they working on adding a “Rank Play” option, they’re also working on a Spectator mode.

Those two things make games pretty nice for Esports.

Overall, there is just so much GBX and 2K can do to get their game to that competitive level, it’s up to the fans to get the games to Esports by just playing and sharing the good word.

I want eSports for Battleborn’s future.

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I’m not sure that a head-to-head pick --> ban phase transition is necessary. It might just be us thinking of other e-sports.
I think (if GBX wanted), that they could have both teams blind pick 2 characters (if they’re the same, so what). Then blind pick 5 characters (like unranked is now).

But I don’t care nearly as much about picks and bans as I do about gear.

There are about 21 different gear-types. And at least 50 attributes for that gear (probably closer to 100). So, giving combinations is insane and impractical, but hey, who knows. If they really wanted, they could list all combinations. It ends up with about 300 of each item type… though, I don’t know how rarity is determined, so that could be even more combinations…

What makes the most sense to me:
You only have gear with no attributes, and legendaries. All the gear is either maxed out or averaged (all vests are for +200 HP, all batteries are +300 Shield, or whatever). And then… go.

The only way to keep the random element is to give each team/player a certain amount of money to get packs. If you want to spend your 50K on 11 Purple Packs, then go for it. If you want a solid baseline of whites, that’s fine too. Or, you could buy faction packs if you knew which attributes you were looking for.

What if they got ride of blind pick and teams alternated picking characters? Also I like the idea about money and packs you added, adds random into it.

Most competitive scrims so far have included gear being banned, and it seems to play more even on both sides. However GBX have apparently said that they are open to the idea of adding a set of “Tournament Gear” to be given to each player, and 2k have said on Twitter/FB that they want to get into ESports due to the marketing advantage it can bring. With any luck, things will get edited with enough community support for the game.

There are already organizations picking up small teams, and a few no-prizepool online tourneys in order to discuss positives and negatives about the competitive playstyle. Plus, if ESL will host online tourneys that’d be fantastic. ESL essentially jump started Battlefield and Smite scenes online.

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I do believe in high-level ranked play a pick and ban system is needed. I do not think there should only be one character on the teams thus each team can have a Miko etc due to the small number of playable characters compared to other MOBAS.

But a pick/ban phase is important. It adds depth to the game by making choices and team comp very interesting. I do not like Blind picks at a high level, just seems weird to not know what the other team is picking until after the game has started.

I could care less if they created Tournament style gear or just banned gear. Gear does bring interesting things but at the end of the day, the game is a Shooter and it will come down to accuracy most of the time, not the person who does 8% more damage.