I wonder if the devs ever experimented with other Sentry types in PvP

Currently, we have three types of Sentries in the game: Escort Sentry, Antham Sentry, and Geoff Sentry

In the opening prologue animation, there was a Sentry using blades that signifies that it is capable of close quarter combat. I was wondering if it would be possible for PvP to have different types of Sentries on the field (in incursion) that offer different strengths and weaknesses. If we had a spider sentry similar to the opening prologue, they would be a deadlier opponent for melee characters; while using missiles for ranges characters.

Idk, I’m just posting random thoughts that I’ve had running through my head.


They almost definitely have. They also had a scary monster (autocorrect put claw here but that would be incorrect haha) in a promotional picture

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That monster was awesome dinosaur with cannons like a brumak from GOW, also in benedicts lore pic their are sword wielding sentries

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