I wonder if we will ever see one of my favorite characters again

Captain Scarlett! I mean, there would be no point in making her run away instead of killing her in her dlc not to bring her back ever again.
I totally loved her personality! Ruthless, cynical and selfish yet totally lovable… Maybe it’s because of her voice actress, but she’s the only character that does not make me want to have skippable cutscenes.


Agreed, she’s awesome. :heart_eyes: (oh crap I’m acting like Herbert…)

Speaking of Herbert, if you’ve done the Feeble and the Furious side mission you may have noticed Pappy sounds just like Herbert (99% sure it’s probably the same voice actor), a very cranky and foul mouthed Herbert though. :smiley:

The voice actress is Colleen Smith Clinkenbeard. She also does the voices for both Lilith and Tannis.

And this may blow your mind. If you’ve ever watched Dragon Ball Z Kai, she also does the voice for young Goku.