I wonder what is the average gearbox support reply time is

i submitted a report about Vip insider reward not going through shift , so im not able to receive my reward in game. its been 3 days of no word from gearbox and they say they are working on it?

Response times depend on ticket volume (amongst other things). Judging by the number of folks having the same issue as yourself, my guess is that ticket volume is high and that is slowing things down. I’ve personally had response times from a couple of hours to several days.

Is it 1 week the maximum time that ill need to wait? Because i care borderlands 3 so much i dont want to miss out anything

I honestly can’t tell you - I have no access to any internal information at either GBX or 2K. If you’re concerned, you can reply to the last email you had and just ask for an update.

i do , still no update yet