I wonder what the next DLC will be about?

I think its universal that the Moxxi DLC is probably the best BL3 had ever been. Its amazing how dropping the big empty multi pathed levels and vehicles , and complete absence of Annointed broken enemies, made the game suddenly and infinitely better in every conceivable way

What do you think the next DLC will be ?

Personally I’d love a snowy area. Maybe even back on Pandora or even a brand new planet

You ?


There are several things that are missing and or I hope to see in the remaining DLC’s

  • Athena and Janey

  • The Watcher

  • Fiona and Loader Bot

  • Dr. Zed, Axton, Salvador, Gaige, Krieg etc.

  • Mr. Blake

  • Captain Scarlett

  • Mr. Torgue and Grandma Flexington

  • A Tediore centered DLC

  • A Vladof centered DLC

  • Maybe S&S

  • A follow-up on the state of Maliwan/CEO

  • More areas on Athenas and stuff with Maya…

  • Something with the first Vault on Promethea, hopefully with Badland-like areas because Promethea is nothing like it should be.

  • Conclusion to Liliths whereabouts and the fate of Elpis

  • With so much mentioning: Junpai-7

  • Like you said a snow area, maybe one of the Edens could be a ice planet?

  • Exploring the other Edens like maybe Eden-5? (Gaiges home planet) Sadly Eden-1 is just a gas giant (according to the Art Director)

  • As long as they don’t sacrifice a whole DLC for this maybe some different areas for Eden-6 because it’s kinda boring that it is all just swamp, Saurians and Jabbers.

Sadly they already confirmed that the war that is coming is to big for DLC :cry:

Edit: A Rakkhive
Edit 2: Steve
Edit 3: A DLC about Pangolin and Anshin (which is long overdue)
Edit 4: Dr. Ted
More/new info/lore about Truxicans
Moxxi‘s other 2 children
Brick’s Mother and Sister


I like the idea of going back to Pandora… I was thinking maybe something involving a follower of the Calypso causing problems and them needing to be stopped.

@x5rankDaTankx Like I stated somewhere else, the radio announcer (Rakkbox?) is still alive and could maybe be the Psycho on the cover.

It should be about gamergate.
That would be too lit.

I’d love to see a DLC that that lampoons the Star Wars saga complete with making the bandits into rabid fans of one stripe or the other and a final confrontation straight out of Spaceballs.

I REALLY want a Athenas DLC. The problem with that is that I’m sure that an Athena’s DLC would feature Ava prominently. Hopefully they feature Krieg on Athena’s instead.

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I’m hoping for an Ava centric DLC, personally.


Scarlett is dead. We killed her in the last game, remember? I do hope for a Vladof takedown though, so Moze can get some revenge for the crap she went through.

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@DesertCommando You remember it wrong, she escapes, you just kill Rosco. She even talks to you when you loot the Greed.

Grandma Torgue even mentions in the Watter Gobbler DLC that Scarlett robbed her retirement home and that she still holds you (the Vault Hunters) in high regard as a worthy opponent.


A Pandora-focused dlc hosted by Vaughn.
In which we have to remove the last surviving stronghold’s of the CoV and bring “peace” back to the various bandit clans that have been displaced.
Somewhere in the midst of all that: krieg!

a follow up on what Marcus does with GenIVIV. and Nurse Nina is missing as well (guess that would probably be covered with a Vladof central DLC tho)

and Bunkers and Bad*sses is probably gonna get a follow up again.

and i wonder if there’s gonna be a zombie dlc, beyond the Bloody Harvest.

There are several locations on current maps as well that seem like they need to be used as map transitions but aren’t as well. (and that one spot in Ascension Bluff)


My vote goes to probably an Athenas/Ava centric DLC. Both have been hinted at having more content related to them coming in the near future.

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That always bugged me, I thought that it was a bug that nothing happens…

Yea, totally forgot Nina but as long as we don’t get an answer what happened to Elpis we still don’t really know if it was even inhabited in the clusterfuck that is Borderlands 3 continuity. Especially since the few returning characters from TPS are quite different than their originals.

I myself would love it if it is like Warhammer 40.000 this time around instead of pure fantasy.

Well Borderlands 1 first DLC was the awesome Zombie Island of Dr. Ned but I wouldn’t mind a second part to it. It’s easily my favourite part of all games and their DLC combined.

Yea that and I still wanna know what’s behind the large gate down in the Spiderant gulch in Devils Razor. But such areas should be added with free updates and not gated behind DLC.

Oh, by the way merry christmas everyone.


yeah it feels like the mansion in Reliance should be accessible as well. and yeah, the areas already in the maps should be free additions for sure unless they are transitions to larger dlc.

Yes, to tell the truth I really think they should add a dozen side quest to the main game. There are so many places where nothing really is that could use some purpose and interesting side bosses like in BL2.

What’s really weird is that behind the wall next to the mansion is some big ass flat empty meadow.

I already wrote this in the easter egg/secrets thread: The spot in Ascension Bluff seems to be for a supposed giant Varkid (Raid Boss/Vermivorous?)
There was a scene of it in one of IGNs weapon trailers (they deleted it) where you could clearly see it’s that spot thanks to the cliff and the fence etc…

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I don’t know if it was said yet, but that was confirmed.
Ava dedicated DLC, Redemption?

well, if they manage to pull it off like the Handsome Jackpot, then Ava will be loved by all*. cuz that Jackpot was hitting the jackpot on how to pull off a great DLC.

*Ava is really bland right now tho…and it’s really her fault Maya died.

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I agree, the writing in the Heist was good, so if they manage to top that in her DLC, I think she could be more acceptable. I wouldn’t say loved though, that’ll take another DLC on top of that to get close lol.

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I’d like a Dr Zed DLC. Maybe meet the forbidden brother Ted? They hinted on the show that Dr Zeds voice actor was going to be coming back, so I’m hoping. :grin: