I wonder what the next DLC will be about?

Personally I really hope for another Bunker’s and Badasses DLC. I’d also like to see a follow up to some of the other vault hunters. In particular, helping Gaige deal with Holloway Robotics on Eden-5 would be pretty great.

I would also like to see something about Krieg regaining his sanity, although it might be a bit of a touchy subject so I don’t really expect to see that.


It’s not her fault, and I’ve hashed out the in-story logic of that before, but the emotional mob can’t accept logic so this time I’ll look at it from a meta perspective. Maya’s purpose in the story is to elevate Troy with her death. Now, it’s my opinion that they wasted that elevation, but that’s a whole other discussion. The point is that Maya would have died whether Ava was in the story or not. The seemingly intended role of Ava was to give Maya’s death some meaning and a legacy moving forward. Unfortunately, there was a lack of development and that sorta fell flat. One reason I’m hoping for an Ava-centric DLC (I know it’s been alluded to officially, but it’s still faerie dust for now), is because I’d like to see some of that development.


marcus turns geniviv into the legendary shield ‘messy breakup’

Nah, Marcus installs Geniviv into a toilet and causes the great dook hut uprising…

It will be the dirtiest DLC in history… >.>

that sounds fun lol

but just to be clear, that IS what marcus does. he makes ‘messy breakup’, summons a drone and another drone on shield break that shoot elemental guns and geniviv talks to you like the sellout. it drops from geniviv

Whereas if Marcus made it, it would be a quest reward after you give him the AI.

you wpuld think theyd have it as a quest reward, but they seemed to want it to be more of an easteregg. cuz it is geniviv, the voice says as much. as well as the name. but ya alot of people seem to think thats an open ended story, but they did end it

I’m like, 77% sure there will be another Bunker and Badasses DLC.