"I Wonder Who Tiffany Was?" ~Tiny Tina - circa sometime after Borderlands 2

So, after resetting my UVHM Wilhelm, I stopped ignoring the voice over calling Cl4P-TP Tiffany and caught Tiny Tina asking about it right after you enter the Motherless board. But I don’t have capture tools, so I looked around here and online for something about it and couldn’t find much of anything. Today I decided to pull up someone else’s youtube of their UVHM playthrough of the Claptastic Voyage since no one has posted the voice track from the playthrough like they did the main quest.

So, Tiffany has level one security clearance and appears to be a Loader with a head shaped like a constructor. This would take place after Jack had access to all Hyperion product lines, inclusive of Gladstone’s Constructors, and the Felicity AI. https://youtu.be/OY75y0q_GOA?t=839 …
04%20_%20Claptastic%20Voyage%20-%20UVHM%20-%20Part%201%20-%20YouTube 04%20_%20Claptastic%20Voyage%20-%20UVHM%20-%20Part%201%20-%20YouTube

This is where Tina gets as curios as I am. https://youtu.be/OY75y0q_GOA?t=1016 …
Whoever was playing went into the Vendors so the audio of Tina plays at the same time as the vendor dialogue and there’s no subtitles. She says, “I wonder who Tiffany was?”

Pickle was captioned in his response to Tina, “Who cares? I bet somethings gonna mess with the data transfer.”

This put gunpowder into my head canon like nobodies business and I got to thinking…

What if Angel deconstructed & digitized her mother & the Tiffany AI was Jack’s attempt to reconstitute or recreate her, which failed? Taking the theory a step further, maybe the CL4p TP’s being a factor in the failed attempt to bring his wife back is part of the reason why Jack hates them so much, & eager to eliminate their product line? They were the only model with large memory for such projects after all.

  • I adapted this from a series of tweets that I passed along to the two youtubers who discuss lore regularly, Matto & Hayder, to get their ideas on the significance Tiffany had to Jack and Cl4p TPs lore, and possibly future characters, as well as Mental Mars and a couple of other friends in the community who I thought might get a kick out of this. Anyways any thoughts?

Claptrap’s alter-ego in his imagination? That is, a more powerful version of himself with legs. Honestly though, it looks more like a character from a completely different game. (@Adabiviak - does that look familiar to you?)

It looks like Shockwave from the Transformers (my old avatar), but frankly I thought it was Deathtrap at first glance until I read the post.


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