I would be nice to see a choice for WP or BAR when selecting a new character

I am not a BAR enthusiast but do like the idea of a character getting better as the game progresses. The WP model used in BL was simple an neat. Each character starts of from the same initial position and the more you use a weapon the better you get with it. I don’t want to have to track activities/challenges from a huge list to make my character better and I don’t want to have to choose (from a somewhat limited selection) how to spend BAR points for every single time I get a point.

Now I am not a d*ck and I know some people really love BAR and I would not like to upset anyone in this regard but it would be nice to see an option when selecting a character to pick either BAR or WP. The one thing I really liked with WP is it reflected how I played my character, I would check the ratings and sometimes say woah! my shotgun skill is pretty low I think I will play with shotties for a while. I don’t get that feeling in BAR, just a table of % of many different weapon handling characteristics.

In general I gave up on BAR it looked too confusing, too many options to spend points, to many types of challenges to earn points. Every now and then I look at what I have earned and just randomly spend them but I have noticed that when I start a new character even from right at the beginning I am much more powerful than the first time I played through and adding this to the knowledge of having already played the missions makes the game much easier for each new player I start. I know you can turn BAR off but does this also prevent you character from growing through experience?

Anyway if Gearbox did the unthinkable and if WP was reintroduced (into BL3) it would be nice to see a category of element proficiency added to show how much experience you have gained in using different the core elements alongside the weapon type proficiencies.

Would anyone else like to see this?

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Well, I never played BL1 but from what it sounds like, WP would be awesome as I mainly only use about 6 different weapon types.

However, my BA is over 50,000. I only prestiged once (cause it’s not worth it, I just wanted to say I did it). The key is to just play the game normally. This will get you BA points for doing what you were already going to do. Sometimes I’ll go back and look at characters who were close to finishing certain challenges that are totally doable and play for 30 minutes to get said challenge.

I don’t think they are mutually exclusive. As long as the bonuses for proficiency levels and the bonuses for badass levels don’t synergize in some crazy OP way, why not have both? What they moved away from with BAR was the BL1 challenges that granted XP for completing them. While it was kinda cool to level up from opening a cardboard box or whatever, I can see why they did away with that.

I loved WP’s but I also like the BAR system as well. If they could somehow combine both of them into some type of hybrid bonus that would be amazing.


I miss proficiencies. I hardly ever noticed BAR affecting much in BL2, but in BL1, reload speed (for example), was a world of difference at prof. level 50 compared to prof. level 1.

Bar is nice because it applies to all your characters

I’d actually welcome that back with how meh the exp is in TPS, 10 more levels on Tuesday is going to feel like an age once I clear Claptastic voyage and likely still have 4-6 levels left to go.

I am on the side of weapon proficiencies. I liked them much more because you got buffs for guns you liked to use. Now bar isn’t bad but between the two I’d chose wp. Instead of awarding experience points for completing challenges it should be buffs to the character instead