I would have waited

Honestly would have waited for the game to be released at a later date for it to be finished. The amount of bugs is just too much to bother with now. It is a PvE game with no balance. How is there a PvE game that requires nerfing? lol it just all blows my mind. fixing bugs yes, do that. But these “exploits” in builds were not on accident. It seems planned at this point, doesn’t it? All these items and “OP” builds. These people worked on the game. They know exactly what pairs with what. Its why its there and works so well. Them taking it away actually doesnt surprise me either now. It legit seems planned and the more I think about it the more it makes sense. Also, after getting my bank cleared it made the last 2 weeks pointless mostly, I had builds ready for a each character in the works. Now all I got is my Mains stuff lol just a let down is all.