I would like advice for a Jakobs Pistol build

That is the build I’m currently working towards, but I’m wondering if everything is up to snuff. I’m worried that some of the skills I’ve taken aren’t really effective with Jakobs pistols, or that some of the skills I’ve passed on should be taken to make Jakobs pistols more effective. Is everything good, or do I need to make changes?

As far as gear, the only thing I know for sure in terms of weapons is the Luck Cannon. I know there’s the Cyber Eagle and the Maggie, but I’m not sure how effective they’ll be in higher levels. For other gear, I’m thinking a Tranquility Oz Kit, and a purple Six Shooter COM (no idea what skill would get the +5, though). Shield and Grenade Mod I’m undecided on. Honestly, I’m primarily interested in input on the skill tree, but I won’t say no to any gear advice.

Loaded or Swift purple Six Shooter will do the trick, this does not just benefit Jakobs pistol but shotguns as well, so it will be up for the ante for a good Jakobs build

if you are taking Ruthless then might as well take High Noon with you
Faster 'n You can be totally useless for a Jakobs build since you already have HCWM and they have a pretty quick reload speed already
Snap Shot is not really a necessity for Jakobs gear, just zoom-aim to negate the hard recoil and accuracy, and once you have OFEoY the pistols accuracy isn’t that bad at all

build concept #01 : http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410100005550100055105501510551
build concept #02 : http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410100005055100050105501515551

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Luck canon is ridiculously OP, if what you want is efficience, there is no reason to use a Maggie or a Cyber eagle… really

Impatience is a must have, no reason to skip it.

Snap shot is a bit unnecessary IMO, The LC has great accuracy and the recoil is an afterthought considering how small the mag is. You could move these points somewhere else. Hot lead is a good place… High noon is not too bad either.

Oz kit. The Tranquility is a solid all-around choice, don’t over-think this :smile:

Shield: I personally love Adaptive shields, but there is no real consensus here…

COM: I would go six-shooter (any purple), but that’s just my style. Chronicler of elpis is a GREAT choice too.

grenade: Anything cryo…really. I like cryo transfusions. They help with surviuvability, have multiple chance to inflict status effect and they aim for you, Look for low fuse time and longbow delivery.

As for guns, a jakobs shotgun would be a good addition. They share most of the skill placement and would be a way to diversify ammo usage.

Carry a Cryo gun.
…seriously, do it. (Fridgia is a great choice)

Last slot is up to you. but pick something other than a pistol, shotgun or what cryo gun you have.

Edit: Ninja’d on almost every account by Soba :stuck_out_tongue:

maggie and cyber eagle are totaly viable, but if you can get your hands on a luck cannon you should definately use it. it is the best gun. period.

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you could take a peek at my Jakob’s build i just posted in this thread here. [Build] Jakobs Nisha - Level 70 with Eclipse/Eos Video
but clearly chuck and some others posting on my thread are convinced they know best, even though i clearly obliterate Eclipse and EOS faster than any other legit build on the internets. but hey, wtf do i know, clearly i’m just some scrub who’s not done any sort of testing on these nisha builds. :stuck_out_tongue: at any rate GL with your build, at least give mine a try if you want to see true power & dps. you wont find better for a jakob’s build, i guarantee it.

Snap Shot: this is mainly for leveling purposes. The weapons I’m using now tend to have mag sizes between 7 and 11 rounds (times 2), so accuracy can get away from me. Snap Shot will help with that. Once I get a Luck Cannon, I will plan on switching the points to Hot Lead.

Impatience: good point. I’ll pick it up.

Short Fused: at the range I’m usually at, this only adds 1 extra damage. Unfortunately, I need 1 more skill point to get down to the lower tiers of the tree, and the only skills that really benefit from a single point are Short Fused and Pickpocket. Since Pickpocket is even less impressive than Short Fused, I’m pretty much forced to take it, which I find annoying. Not like I have much choice, though. I’ll be switching the point in Bottled Courage over to Short Fused.

Shotguns: the point about ammo diversity is solid. Generally, I haven’t had too much issue with running out of ammo if I make sure to open lootables and hit up vendors as they’re available, but that may not continue. I’ll pick up a shotgun to cover bases.

but with short fused the closer you are to the target the more damage you do up to the 35%, which is a lot of extra damage for shotguns (up close and personal guns they are) considering its explosive damage as well.

Charris, I’m going to be blunt. You killed any credibility you might have had when you attacked the first person to suggest improvements to your build. If you had taken the time to calmly discuss why you had made the choices you did, and why you disagreed with the advice being offered, I’d be likely to care what you had to say. Instead, you attacked as soon as any changes were suggested. How you respond to people critiquing your build does just as much to promote it as the actual build does. And none of this takes into account that one of the people you attacked is chuck80, a respected forum veteran who has proven time and again that he not only knows what he’s talking about, but is also willing to listen to what other people have to say. Is your build solid? Probably. Am I likely to try it? No. And that’s your fault.

No need to take it to personal level. Charisx has a lot of belief in his build, bc he sure made lots of tests with it. As far as I see from the posts, they came to a settlement now.

Honestly, my last post was harsher than I would have liked. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out a better way to say it. I don’t have a problem with him being proud of his build; my problem is his attitude. Anyway, I really should stop saying anything on the subject; last time something like this happened, I let myself get drawn into a shouting match. I’ve explained my issues with him, so I consider the matter dropped.

As for the thread, I last looked at it about 12 hours ago, and while I saw that there were more posts, I was afraid that they were more of the same thing as before. I’ll take another look.


Took another look at charris’ thread, and again, I apologize to him.

Charris, I don’t like Short Fused because I generally operate at Pistol range, not Shotgun range. Most of the time, I am only getting 1 extra damage from Short Fused, and to me, using a skill point for 1 extra damage per shot is not a good tradeoff.

That here is also a core point of skill selection. Debating the merits of one skill over another can only take us so far. I like short fused, because I love using cryo debuff and I also like to play point blank range with my shotties, but if you are not getting anything out of it because of the way you play, then only you can tell if it’s worth it in your case.

Skill doesn’t suit your playstyle? Don’t take it.
Same as all other suggestions: look at them through the lenses of your playstyle, and decide for yourself which to listen to. :smile:

…Pickpocket is still poop though :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s really killing me is the fact that I only have a single point to play with. If I had more, I could put a few in Faster than You, for example, to counter the fact that the Luck Cannon’ DPS is more limited by it’s reload speed than other Jakobs pistols. For just a single point, though, my choices are Short Fused and not-Pickpocket.

Put that last point into wanted then, maybe it will do more for you than short fused.

Sometimes I put a single point into unchained, just to have a “timer” on the screen :stuck_out_tongue: Since it can only gain one stack per second, it’s a pretty good estimate of how long it took you to kill something from the first shot.

Unfortunately, it has to stay in the Fan the Hammer tree, or I can’t pick up Hell’s Comin with Me or One for Each of Ya.

I also want some advices about Jakobs weaponry in general, may I use this thread?
Im thinking about a purple Rustler COM. Its not commom, I know it, but I like to pick up Scavs with Sniper Rifles and to use Gatling Guns for sustained combats so the card come in hand to me.

This is the base of my build: http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410100000000000000015510015051/nimrustler,auto

Im limited to lv 50, so I need some light where to spent my remaining points. I dont need more points in Riflewoman, so what do I pick?
I thought about going to Rarin’ to Go for the extra damage, but Bottled Courage fit right in my playstyle. I only use Showdown as a burst damage when surrounded by a lot of things, swaping for a good Jakobs Pistol.

I used to run with a rustler’s COM in one of my builds (Proof) , and believe me, it’s not as good as it may sound…

The bonus are all over the place and don’t complement each other very well. You get bonus to 2 skills that only work from the hip, an accuracy bonus for one of the most accurate gun type in the game, and a damage bonus to Sniper rifles… but who uses a sniper rifle from the hip ?

Compared to, for example, the Sheriff COM (IMO, the best non-legendary all-around COM for Nisha) you get about the same damage bonus to your sniper rifle…but you also get it for your AR…and your pistol… and any other gun you might want :stuck_out_tongue:

You would lose the damage bonus from Quick shot (as the fire rate bonus is lost on Jakobs guns anyway), but gain a good serving of crit bonus from BFG, health regen, extra health and extra shield…
in the case of your AR, it’s a net gain on nearly all aspects, and in the case of your sniper, it’s a push.

Now, i’m not saying you should move to the Sheriff COM: I only use it as a point of comparison to illustrate why I think the Rustler COM is not so great.

I could see how to make it useful, but that would require a playstyle that revolves around hip-firing sniper rifles…I tried, it’s lackluster.

Good choices for a Jakobs-focused build are the six-shooter (obviously), Sheriff and Crapshooter. Six-shooter might not be that good since you don’t spec into 2 of the 3 skills it boosts, but it’s still better than Rustler’s IMO.

Crapshooter, same deal: you don’t have points into 2 of the 3 skills involved, but a single point into trick shot would turn this build around :smile:

Best pick for what seems to be your playstyle would be Sheriff IMO. It does everything right, boosts your damage in an uncomplicated way and shores up your survivability like no other COM around.

As for the build advice, I would say first, get rid of Unchained…it does NOTHING for you, even if your COM boosts it.

I would never be caught dead without at least a few points in trick shot. Sometimes when you’re in FFYL and no enemies can be reached because they’re behind cover, it feels great to be able to just unload on the ceiling to get a second wind. :stuck_out_tongue:

FFOB is great, even if it doesn’t look like it., it’s always worth a point to me, unless it plays badly with Mag6 for your weapon… but that’s not the case here.

If you want to put your points outside RW, I would take Saddle up. Ruthless is wasted on you since you don’t use showdown much.

Bottled courage might be a great choice to spend the last points you have.

L&O has nothing further to offer you at this point IMO, inless you really spend those points to get to Rarin’ to go… but with a level 50 cap, you don,t have points to “waste” to reach it.

Personally, this is what I would do with my skill points: http://thepresequel.com/Nisha/4101410100005005000000005501014351/grisheriff,auto

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Thanks for the reply, Chuck!
To be honest with you, I spent one point into Unchained because I was thinking about a Diaub for sniper rifle instead of the Muckamuck and the Calipeen. Outside of it, I thought about a blue Rustler first. And I dont hipshot with the sniper, usually use it to pick up enemies before the heat come to me. Maybe I put this point into FFOB

About the hip-shoting skills, I like them because of the Gatling Gun mostly. It feels better to handle it with the accuracy and recoil reduction bonus. Also, Im problably going to add a shotgun in the main loadout, so maybe I can take even more advantage of them. They make easy to aim for crits in FFYL also, this is why I dont like Trick Shot this much. I always try to aim! Haha

I thought about picking Saddle Up, Bottled Courage and Short Fused with the remaining point because of my way of using Showdown. I tend to only use it when Im badly outnumbered, so I throw some cryo grenades as back up (Vladof AoE or transfusions) and start to fan the hammer with a Pistol. Sometimes I use an automatic, not going to lie, but I thought that the bonus damage from Short Fused on frozen targets could come in hand.
If I pick Rarin’ to Go and Jurisdiction my playstyle upon Showdown would be changed a lot I guess.

Thanks for the reply Chuck!
I guess you are right, the Sheriff COM bonus are better for my Jakobs weaponry rather than only the sniper rifle. But the skills are just… meh. Unchained makes no difference at all, Bona Fide Grit is a good skill, but Law is kinda redundant. I already use a high capacity shield, be it Turtle or Adaptive.

Also, I thought about the Six-Shooter COM. Crack Shot and Mag6 complement each other very well when using sniper rifles or pistols, but not so much when I’m using a Gatling Gun. And I use it a lot. If I remember correctly, it has around 16 bullets in the mag without FfoB. Maybe the 3x ammo consuption makes up for it, so the time I dont have the bonus is little.
Also, I would have to leave Hot Lead, a more consistent bonus. And take Mag6 instead of Bottled Courage. Dont know if the pros are better than the cons.
Maybe the Six-Shooter is for Jakobs shotguns only, and I want a “Jakobs” of all trades setup.